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Title - Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie

Why - I used to love MST3K I watched it all the time. I lost interest a bit after they changed hosts since I didn't really like the new guy as much. Anyhow, when the movie came out I never got to see it, so when I was looking for timewasters I found a site about MST3K and remembered I never saw the movie so I went to eBay and bought a copy for about $1.00.

Previews - Cold Comfort Farm, Kind of random if you ask me. I mean it's more of a preview for a movie like Emma, or Howard's End than MST3K, but you know, whatever. 

Music - Not really any. They didn't even play the opening theme song. That makes me sad. If you love it and really want to hear it you can find it here.

General - If you're not a MST3K watcher it's basically like you and your friends (if your friends are funny) were sitting around making fun of a movie.  The movie they're making fun of in this movie is called This Planet Earth. I have to say it's not as funny as some of the old films I've seen them do. For instance the whole Gamera series. No one makes monster movies now like Japan did in the 60's. Those were the funniest ones. So overall I have to say the movie isn't really as funny as the original series was. I wonder if I still have any of those episodes on tape. Plus of course there was the whole original host (Joel) new host (Mike) arguments. Apparently that was quite the message board talk in the day. I of course didn't even have the internet then (Me in 1991: What's so great about this whole Internet thing? Stupid stuff on a computer? I don't get it.)  so I missed all that. Although at the risk of getting hate mail from diehards, Joel was better. He had a kind of bemused sarcasticness about him and you could kinda believe he was a guy who wasn't paying attention and got shot into space by his evil bosses and forced to watch bad movies. Of course no one would really be that inattentive, but as the song says "repeat to yourself it's just a show..." Anyhow, I always thought Mike was too smugly self amused and not as funny.  Just my opinion, if you think I'm way off base feel free to tell me.  Anyway I stopped watching regularly when Mike came in as host so I admit I had my misgivings about the movie.

Still, since this is supposed to be a review: the movie they're watching is about some important scientist guy who gets picked up by an alien spacecraft and taken to Georgia. Who knows why. Anyway he meets up with some beautiful woman scientist he knew in some other place and together they try to escape. Who knew Georgia was such a horrible place.

Of course they don't escape, instead they get sucked up into an alien spaceship and sci fi hilarity ensues. Face it, this movie is bad, well at least the movie within the movie is bad, the comments are pretty funny so I guess the movie is funny. The whole thing is a little hard to explain or review. I would say, if you've ever heard of MST3K and wanted to find out what it's all about, the movie's an okay way to do that. Still my suggestion would be to see if you can find someone who has some of the season two or three episodes on tape.  In the beginning it seemed less scripted and more smart ass. Also see if you can get a monster movie those where always the best.

This is one of those catch 22's I ways think about. Like when people love some band but then the band becomes super popular so all of their original fans call them sellouts because now they're rich and famous and making videos and stuff. On the one hand I can see the fans' point because when a band becomes super popular they inevitably change and become more mainstream thus disappointing said fans. The irony is that some level of fame is the dream of most bands, not necessarily to be famous, but to be able to support themselves with their music. In this case you would think their fans would be happy for them, but in reaching out to the masses the original diehards sometimes get left behind. In some ways that's how I feel about this movie.

See I can't claim to be one of the original die hard fans. I think I started watching in like the 2nd or 3rd season.  Still I loved the show and believe it or not, I was even a member of the fan club. I think I might still have an old newsletter in a box somewhere. I always wanted to go to one of the cons, but I never made it.  To me the movie is a little too polished because I always like the half-assedness of the sets and stuff. It was more like watching a bunch of your friends making fun of really bad movies. Still I'm happy for the gang that they got to make a movie even though watching it, even seven years or so later, makes me feel a bit left behind. 

Okay, enough of my introspection, I'll just finish by saying that the best part of the movie was the credits. Basically they just sit in the theater and read the credits mocking the names and titles. "If for any reason the first assistant can't fulfil her duties then second assistant...."

**Hey just to see if I was remembering the past as better than it was I dug out my old MST3K tape. The first show on it was Joel and the Bots watching a horror flick called Ring of Terror. I wasn't wrong, that's some funny stuff.


Best Line - (Tagline) Every year Hollywood makes hundreds of movies. This is one of them.


2nd Best Line - (Sampling of smartass remarks) This is your dishwashing liquid you soak in it. Let's slip away under cover of afternoon in the biggest car in the county. So they worship the everlasting gobstopper?


Random Personal Note -  I was supposed to go see this movie with my then-boyfriend on Halloween. We were seeing it at some special theater and we were late because I was carving a Halloween Pumpkin and they wouldn't let us in (because we were late, not because I was carving a pumpkin). It totally sucked. I'm kinda sad that I missed it, I bet it would have seemed way funnier in a theater filled with avid MST3K fans. On a side note, the pumpkin later rotted and I had to beg my neighbor to throw away because it was so icky.

2nd Random Personal Note -  One night a couple of friends of mine and I cam home from the bar and we were watching some really old and assumedly bad movie. For some reason we had to have the TV on really low so instead of watching the movie we made up lines for the characters which were pretty funny. Although come to think of it we were kind of drunk so maybe we weren't all that funny.



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