June What to Watch


June 30 - There's turbulence in the lives of pilots and flight attendants, get it turbulence, see it's pun. That's why it's funny. You know because planes experience... oh hell, just watch Flight Angels today.

TCM 3:30 pm (1940)

June 29 - Today's pick is a musical about moons. OK so it's probably not actually about moons, but it's a musical of sorts and it's called New Moon.

TCM 2:30 pm (1940)

June 28 - Do you love those romance novels where the hero and the heroine get married for some reason other than love, but then fall in love anyway? Well then do I have a movie for you. It's called Without Love and it has Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

TCM 3:00 pm (1945)

June 25 - Today's pick is described by TV Guide as an extravaganza with a circus background. Seriously, with a description like that, can you miss?

TCM 1:00 pm (1962) Doris Day

June 24 - From disasters to monster worms. I only saw the first Tremors, but it turns out they made three. In this third installment Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, the worm infested town becomes a top tourist destination. Go figure. Don't let it's direct to video status influence your decision at all.

USA 11:00 am (2001)

June 23 - Nothing like  good disaster movie to get you past that midweek slump. Watch Airport 1975 and see how Charleton Heston saves the day when two airplanes have a freak collision.

AMC 1:20 pm (1974) 

June 22 - Today's pick has James Cagney who I just adore, he plays a prize fighter who rises and falls. Hopefully he ends up doing good again. If he doesn't, it seems kind of stupid that they made a movie about him.  Ya know?

TCM 3:00 pm (1940)

June 21 - So there's these really bad guys and they're getting flown somewhere so they take over the plane, but then there's this good guy who is only a bad guy by circumstance, so he fights the bad guys and they fly to Las Vegas and take out the giant guitar at the Hard Rock. Sound exciting? Watch Con Air today.

USA 4:00 pm (1997)

June 18 - Wow they never show this movie. Ever since I was a little kid I loved Yankee Doodle Dandy. I haven't seen it in like a million years, but you can watch it today. Lucky you.

TCM 10:15 am (1942) James Cagney

June 17 - I always thought libel had something to do with lying in print, but today's movie is called Libel and it's actually about a titled Englishman who is accused of murder.

TCM 10:00 am (1959)

June 16 - See there were these two shady art dealers and then this masterpiece turns up stolen. Did they do it? Well watch The Light Touch today and find out.

TCM 11:00 am (1951) Stewart Granger

June 15 - Ever felt like a loser, the guy in today's movie must have because the movie's called Loser. Good news though, apparently today's loser falls in love.

USA  3:00 pm (2000) Jason Biggs

June 14 - Remember when the biggest thing we had to fear was communism? Me either really, but in 1949 it was the big scary thing so they made this movie called the Woman on Pier 13 about communist infiltration in the US.

TCM 9:00 am (1949) Robert Ryan

June 11 - Okay so today's movie is called Easy Living, but it's about a guy who basically has a totally crappy life. Maybe it's ironic or something. Watch it and find out.

TCM 12:00 noon (1949)

June 10 - Laverne and Shirley are always good for a laugh. And I bet that by now you can totally use a laugh. I mean it's Thursday.

LIFE 11:00 am

June 9 - It's Wednesday watch a movie about Vikings. It's called the Long Ships and that's pretty much all I know. Oh and it's a saga.

AMC 3:45 PM (1964)

June 8 - Wow I didn't even know that people got divorced in 1948, but apparently they did because today's pick The Decision of Christopher Blake has parents divorcing and a kid choosing between them. How modern for the time.

TCM 8:00 am (1948)

June 7 - No one can make you laugh like Dan Aykroyd especially when he plays  professor who is tricked into pretending to be a criminal. Oh heck he's funny all the time, so watch Doctor Detroit.

AMC 1:30 pm (1984)

June 4 - Today's pick features Adam Sandler as a hockey player who makes a better golfer. You don't hear that every day. I would like to take a moment to say that I was an excellent miniature golfer. I probably still am, I just haven't played in a while. I'm only good at regular golf if I'm really mad about something.

USA 3:00 (1996)

June 3 - Instead of dealing with what's really going on in politics today, watch Black Sheep and laugh at Chris Farley as an embarrassing relative. Because face it, we all could use a laugh. And most of us have embarrassing relatives.

USA 3:00 (1996)

June 2 -Humphrey Bogart stars in today's pick as big city editor guy trying to save his newspaper. It's so hard to make a business work these days and probably those days too. So watch Deadline USA today and root for him.

AMC 7:30 am (1952)

June 1 - Wayne's World marked the return to the mainstream of Rob Lowe and may have inadvertently led to his role as Sam Seaborn on the West Wing which he was really great in by the way. So watch Wayne's World today.

USA 9:00 am (1992) Mike Myers, Dana Carvey



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