June Timewasters


June 30 - Do you find using Microsoft programs to be really annoying? I know I do. These guys must have been really annoyed because they devoted a whole website to it. So if you're having an annoying computer problem, this may be the place to go.



June 29 - Ever wish you knew more about the musicals of the stage and screen? I thought you might, today's link is perfect for you.



June 28 - So I watched the end of the show where they counted down the top 100 movie songs of all time. If you missed it, you can find the whole list at today's link.



June 25 - Wish there was something interesting to read on the internet? Besides this site of course. Well, check out today's link and prepare to be interested.



June 24 - Want more incentive to organize your space? Apparently if you do it right it can make your life fabulous, see it's called feng shui and it's totally the way to go. I'd write more, but I have to rearrange my furniture so I can suddenly become rich and fall madly in love.



June 23 - Here's hoping I need the advice on today's site really soon.



June 22 - So I was watching the Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo and I think poker is really interesting, but it's kind of intimidating. So I looked on the all purpose internet thing and I found today's site which lists all the important poker terms and stuff. Ok maybe not all, but a bunch of them.



June 21 - One of the big ideas behind Google's new email is that it has great spam filtering software. This guy refused to believe the hype so he decided to check it out for himself. As of right now it looks like his gmail account is full, but his site is pretty interesting, so check it out.



June 18 - An 80's movie wouldn't have been an 80's movie without at least a little bit of cheesy 80's music. Ever wondered what happened to those bands from the 80's? Click on today's link and find out.



June 17 - Test your 80's movie knowledge at today's site.



June 16 - Wow even British people love the 80's.



June 15 - Those of us who lived through the 80's have a special place in our hearts for 80's movies. If you're a fan, today's site is a must see.



June 14 - Some movies are just bad. Some movies are so bad they're almost good, well not good but... Anyhow check out today's site and read about some bad movies.



June 11 - I've always heard about the Catskills, but I've never actually known anyone who went there. Of course if I ever do go there I'll totally be prepared after checking out today's site.



June 10 - Have you ever been driving along on your random road trip and wondered to yourself, now why in the world would someone build that? So you would have someplace interesting to stop on your journey of course. Someplace like the places at today's site.



June 9 - Maybe an actual road trip isn't in your future, don't worry. If you're trapped at work and can't get out to see some random roadside sights without ever, well, taking to the road, this link is for you.



June 8 - Yesterday's site was great for planning, of course you should keep in mind that having a plan in the beginning is good as long as you don't insist you follow it. After all, what fun is a road trip if you don't stop to see weird and random stuff along the way. Don't worry, today's site totally covers that.



June 7 -  Today's site is a good place to start if you want to plan a good road trip. It's got routes throughout the continental USA, so wherever you live there's a cool trip you could practically start in your home town.



June 4 - I've always loved fancy pens and stuff. I thought I was odd, but now finally there's someone who loves them more than I do. Not only that, she rates them. Oh and by the way I too have bought the sparkly dollar store pens and they work fab.




June 3 - Did you ever think that your life would be so much better if you just had a Mr. T name. I know I have. I just hope it doesn't mean as much to you.



June 2 - Who knew Bounce fabric softener sheets were good for all these things. Well except for the person who put this web site together of course and Torie who sent me the site.



June 1 - So while I was being lazy this weekend I happened to see the end of The Poseidon Adventure which was followed by a special on how devoted fans of the movie are. If you're like me, you thought The Poseidon Adventure was just a movie. Not to these people.





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