June Brick Wall



June 28 - So I don't really have anyplace in my house where I can sit at a desk with no distractions and write. I like to call this phenomenon the term paper cleaning syndrome. You know your house is always cleanest when you have a paper to write. Normally this doesn't bother me except that I'm working on something and I really want to finish it. Unfortunately it takes a level of concentration I can't seem to get when I'm surrounded by distractions at home.

Luckily they just built a new library in my town and they have desks set up to use with computers, so they're the right height and everything. They also have DSL lines so you can hook your computer up to the internet.  I have gotten into the habit of going there every weekend for a few hours to try and get some work done. I always sit at the same desk, it's way back in the corner and no one is ever there and I can usually get a lot of work done with a minimum of distractions. Of course today when I went over there that desk was taken so was the one across from it and so were all of the tables that are out of the way along the walls.

What is wrong with these people. I mean the sun was shining it was Sunday, shouldn't these people be out somewhere enjoying the day not in a library sitting where I wanted to sit. I eventually did manage to find someplace to set up my computer, but it was right in the middle of everything so I had almost as much trouble concentrating as I do at home. How annoying. 

June 20 - I was driving to work on Friday, late of course, when I realize that the car with the annoying bumper stickers that's in front of me is the same car with the annoying bumper stickers that was in front of me on Thursday. This wouldn't be as bad if the driver of this car with the arrogant bumper stickers could actually drive.

First, Person With The Annoying Bumper Stickers (PWTABS), learn that a turn signal is your friend. It may seem like high intrigue to dart in and out of traffic without warning, but this isn't a spy movie from the 50's.

Second, PWTABS hitting your brakes at the last minute may in fact cause me to hit you. I realize your car is a piece of crap, but wouldn't it be easier to save up for a new car than to try to get me to run into you?

The most annoying thing about all of this is that I bet on my way to work tomorrow I'll end up stuck right behind PWTABS again.

June 14 - So I have this random person who calls me late at night like once every 3 or 4 months. There's no predictability to it, so I usually end up answering the phone. The last time it happened my phone was (thankfully) in the other room and the next morning I saw I had 4 calls from a private number at around 2:30 am.  I have no idea who this guy is.

It might be an ex who had too much to drink and thinks that calling me is the best idea in the world. Like that Too Much Joy song (although I think the guy in the song is calling his actual girlfriend not his ex). I don't really see myself as someone so unforgettable that a guy would keep calling me years later though. I'm pretty sure none of my exes thought of me that way, so I can't really see it being that.

Anyway on Tuesday night I was super tired so I went to bed at like 11:00 and was completely asleep by 11:30 or so when my cell phone rings. Now I know I should ignore it, but  it woke me up and I've never been one to let a phone ring endlessly. I mean it wasn't really that late, and maybe it was important.

Of course it's a private number, but I do have friends with numbers that don't show on caller ID, so I answered the phone. I say hello, and the guy says hi and I say who is this and he acts all hurt I don't recognize his voice so I say look I've been getting weird phone calls, so if I know you tell me who you are, otherwise I'm gonna have to hang up on you. (This is an example of my too niceness rearing it's ugly head. I've always been taught to be nice so I apparently even have to be polite to crank callers in the middle of the night). No answer, so I hung up on him.

I have to tell you though that I totally don't get why this person keeps calling me. I have no idea how they got my phone number. If it is in fact someone I know, why not just tell me who they are. I mean seriously what is the point in randomly calling someone in the middle of the night once every 4 months or so and then refusing to tell then who you are? If you happen to be reading this mysterious phone caller, could you send me an email, because I really need my beauty sleep.

On a random side note, I had told my sister about the call so on Wednesday night she calls me at 11:00 and I was still awake. She tried to use a scary voice to freak me out, but I have picture caller ID on my phone and when she calls a picture of her dog flashes on the screen, so it kind of ruined it for her. I think she's currently trying to figure out how to hide her number.



June 7 - So I went to Taco Bell for lunch today and I was just going to zip through the drive thru and bring food back to work. Of course these outings don't usually go as planned. There's some guy in the front of a very long line in a giant SUV and this guy sits there staring at the menu for like ten minutes. Seriously are there actually people who don't already know or at least have a basic idea of what's on a Taco Bell menu? His car had Arizona plates, maybe they don't have Taco Bell in Arizona. So anyway he takes forever and so I'm watching my temperature gage super carefully and it seems fine.

So finally I get to order. It takes like 15 seconds I get my food, gage is still okay. Then as I'm heading back to work, just after I get out onto the road, my temperature gage jumps all the way to H. So I'm forced to pull over into some office building's parking lot to eat my lunch and wait for my car to cool down. Also it was like 90 degrees out so probably not my first choice of a lunchtime place. Oh and I checked my coolant, yep you guessed it, almost completely full.



June 1 - So that whole mess last week about the fees... It turns out I had to pay the fees, no surprise, but while I was at the DMV paying the fees I was informed that I still owned my old car. This is really bad because I paid someone $125 to tow it away because it was kind of a piece of crap. So anyhow, I am still the owner of a car I transferred ownership of like eight months ago. This is a big huge pain because I now have to jump through a whole bunch more hoops to make sure I no longer own a car that I was blissfully unaware I still owned since well I sent in all the paperwork to make sure I didn't own it anymore when I got rid of it eight months go. I wonder if I'm the only one these things happen to.




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