July Timewasters


July 30 - It's the weekend and maybe you're thinking it would be cool to go to a festival of some kind. You might be thinking Art & Wine, but the people of this Colorado town celebrate something a little different. But hey, I guess there's a festival for just about everything these days. I would say more, but I'm kind of at a loss for words.



July 29 -  I can say with great authority that today's site is truly a waste of time.



July 28 - Do you have a question you really want the answer to but don't know who to ask? If only there was a website whose whole purpose was to set up a place where you could ask questions and other people could answer them. Oh wait, there is and it's today's site. So if it's been bugging you because you can't remember the name of that TV show or movie you loved when you were a kid, go to today's site and ask somebody.



July 27 - Imagine being stuck far away from your family and friends. Imagine if when you were done working and you had time off there was nothing to do except stare into space and wish you had something to read or watch. Then imagine your job was fighting a war. That would totally suck wouldn't it. I mean I was stuck in Rome with nothing to read, well nothing to read in a language I could understand, and that was bad and I wasn't even fighting a war. They need something to read/listen to/watch and at today's site, you can find out how to send it to them. Even if you're thinking this isn't your thing, read a few of the posts you might change your mind or at the very least gain a new appreciation for our women and men in uniform.



July 26 - I don't consider my site to be a blog even though it does have dated entries. Occasionally I write about my life, but mostly it's too boring to hold people's interest. Plus I think I have a touch of paranoia, especially since the phone calls started. I'm not as bad as the guy in the Washington Mutual commercial, but still. Although if you're really interested in what I had for lunch today it was a tri-tip sandwich. I'm not bagging on bloggers really, it's just that they must have more interesting lives than me is all. Anyway, if I was a blog maybe I could win a Bloggie. This is of course (of course??) an award for a blog that is, for some reason or other, considered by other bloggers to be really cool. If the whole blog thing intrigues you, check out the winners at today's site. Although I must say I think the Anti-Bloggies have slightly more interesting prizes.



July 23 - Now that you know all about the sun, learn about it's nighttime counterpart the moon. Once when I worked for the Psychic Friends or something, (not the Dionne Warwick one and they got really bitter when I asked about her so if you ever work for a psychic hotline don't bring it up) there was this weird lady in the office who said she thought I might have true psychic powers and the way to find out was to sit in the light of the full moon and wait for something to happen. I never did it because 1) The whole thing was creepy and b) who knows when there's going to be a full moon. Of course I didn't know about this site then or I totally would have, okay I still wouldn't have, but if you just happened to be wondering what phase the moon will be in on any given day check out today's link.



July 22 - I love the sun. Nowadays they, whoever they are, say that being in the sun is bad for you just like everything else. How sad, but that's not what today's link is actually about. Today's link is about the sun and how cool it is, well figuratively cool. See if we're talking about the solar system, there's nothing more important or impressive than the sun. Of course it's way too hot to actually go there, but you can take a virtual tour at today's link. Don't forget your sunscreen.



July 21 - Do you ever look up into the night sky and see a giant ladle? Or maybe you see a man with a belt. Maybe you see your cousin Joe. Anything's possible because according to the 'What are Constellations' section of today's link, constellations aren't even real. I don't know if that shocks you as much as it shocks me, but I'm considering canceling my internet connection rather than having anymore of my long held beliefs destroyed. If I stop updating the site you'll know why.



July 20 - It looks like it's turning into space week around here, today's link is about comets. Did you know that "Every few seconds a 'snowball' the size of a small house breaks up as it approaches Earth and deposits a large cloud of water vapor in Earth's upper atmosphere" Well if you'd looked at today's site before you would, like, totally know that.

Speaking of comets, did you ever see that movie about how a giant comet flew really close to earth and dropped comet dust all over everything and everyone and then they all turned into dust and the only people left were these two girls and so they went shopping? That was good movie. I'll have to do a review of that. Anyway, learn about smaller not killing everybody comets at today's link.



July 19 - Why travel the world when you can travel the solar system? Take a moment to take a tour of the planets. The best part is that you don't have to pack. Well I guess you can if you want, but you won't have to carry your luggage all around with you. That's always a plus.



July 16 - Want to do a good deed but don't have a ton of time? Check out today's site. It encourages people to crochet a square for an afghan and then these squares are linked together with squares created by other people and then you have an afghan that can warm up person in need. This site even has a link to instructions that will teach you how to crochet and/or knit. What are you waiting for? After all, it's Friday, and the weekend is the perfect time to learn something new and help others. So get to it.




July 15 - Once I totally climbed a rock wall all the way to the top and it was so much fun I said I would definitely climb  real rock one day. But of course I never did. It's just that I'm lazy and unmotivated is all. If you're lazy and unmotivated like me and just want to read about it or if you really want to try it and want to read up on it first, today's site is for both of you.




July 14 - Don't get me wrong, I'm not much of an exercise girl, but this site fascinates me all the same. It has over 3,332 places where you can run or walk in 2,534 cities all around the world. So like if you were a runner or a walker and you were going to, say, Sri Lanka, to the city of Kandy and you wanted to know if there were any cool places to walk there, you could click on the link and see. Of course it has less exotic places like, San Jose, CA too. It almost makes me wish I exercised. I said almost.  




July 13 - So maybe you've heard that saying that if you have enough monkeys typing randomly for a long enough time period eventually one of them would write the equivalent of a Shakespearean play. This guy gave that idea a lot of thought. Eventually he used this idea of monkeys typing Shakespeare to find an answer to an even bigger question, but I don't want to ruin it for you.



July 12 - Are you super worried about scams and stuff? Are you like those people in the credit card commercial who refuse to use their real names? Well do I have a site for you. If something sounds too good to be true and you're thinking SCAM, check out today's site. Even if you don't think you're being scammed right now, it's a good site to look at so you'll be less likely to fall for a scam in the future. Plus it's interesting and will give you a way to sound intelligent at dinner parties.



July 9 - Wanna know what names mean? Look at today's site and find out. Of course if you find your name means something really stupid or your first name and middle name together mean something lame like strong sorrow (yep that's me) it might ruin your Friday. But you could find out your name means something really cool. Well it's possible.



July 8 - Seriously you can adopt anything on the internet these days. Dogs, cats, teddy bears, cotton candy. Yep I said it, you actually adopt cotton candy. What will they think of next?



July 7 - James Cagney was great in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Do you want to learn more about him or just test your James Cagney Knowledge? check out today's link.



July 6 -  I hope you had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July. Why not take a moment to read about our nation's most important holiday. Happy Birthday America.




July 2 - Do you live in one of those lame places that doesn't allow fireworks and don't have any legos? Well today's site is perfect for you. Just click on the sky over lady liberty and see  spectacular show. Happy Birthday America!



July 1 - The idea of America the free country was treason back in 1776, yet men believed in their vision of the future and risked all to make it a reality. So while you're having fun this weekend, give a thought to these guys and say a word of thanks.




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