July What to Watch


July 30 - Today's movie was picked solely because it has a cool name; Ice Station Zebra. It had a pretty cool tagline too when it was in the theater; "Ice Station Zebra"... Remember The Name -- Your Life May Depend On It! With both those things going for it, it's kind of a can't miss movie.

TCM 10:00am (1968) Ernest Borgnine

July 29 - I'm not much into Star Trek, I don't have anything against it, I've just never been able to follow it. But today's movie is the exception. Since Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home takes place in modern day America (they travel back from Star Trek time to save the whales) I had no trouble at all following the story and I kind of liked the characters. So if you're like me and had a sci fi prejudice against Star Trek, watch today's movie and maybe you'll understand better what all the hype is about.

AMC 1:45pm (1986) William Shatner

July 28 - Easy Come, Easy go is a movie about a Navy frogman who dives for sunken treasure. It stars Elvis Presley, and did I mention that I dive too? It doesn't really have anything to do with today's movie, but I'm still so proud that I got certified I like to mention it whenever possible. Today's movie also has singing which I do occasionally but not professionally and dancing which I never do because I'm uncoordinated. It also has comedy, and I'm really funny. At least I think I am.

AMC 11:30am (1967)

July 27 - I guess there were a bunch of movies about the KGB because today's movie also involves them. Two sleeper agents move to this country and settle down and then have a kid. Unfortunately for them their son wanted to be in the military and was totally an American patriot. To make matters worse, his recruiter new all about sleeper agents and somehow figured out his parents might be them. Now that's a string of bad luck that rivals mine last week. On a side note, the son was played by River Phoenix who I confess I had a huge crush on. Girls always fall for the complicated brooding guys. Most of us get smarter as we get older, most but sadly not all. Anyway today's movie is called Little Nikita you should watch it and try and figure out if your next door neighbor is really KGB. Okay, so watch the movie, I'm sure your neighbor is just strange.

A&E 2:00pm (1988) Sidney Poitier

July 26 - See back in the 80's we thought the Russians were the big bad guys and the letters KGB could instill fear in the heart of everyone. Okay so mostly the just the people who were paranoid. But today's movie Target shows that they weren't all simply paranoid after all. I say this because the KGB kidnapped this guy's wife and so then he has to travel all over Europe with his son looking for her. The worst thing about this would be the plane ride over, I hate plane rides.

FX 12:00 Noon (1985) Gene Hackman

July 23 - Decorating Cents is a show about decorating on the cheap. See it's a play on words. See cents like pennies? So that means you decorate for less money. See what I mean? What do you mean you don't get it. It's just like...Never mind. I'm sure there's an infomercial on somewhere you can watch.

H & G 1:00

July 22 - Want a fancy room with someone else to do the work. Well than trade spaces. OK so you actually do have to work. Well you don't, you can just watch the great or terrible results. If you're really attached to your ceiling fan I'd say just watching Trading Spaces is the safest course of action.

TLC 4:00

July 21 -  Want a design that's cheap but doesn't look it? Well then Design on a Dime is the show for you. Watch it today and do some big decorating for a small(ish) price. Although I have to warn you, a dime doesn't really buy you much in terms of home decorating. Remember when a dime was really a lot of money? Yeah neither do I.

H & G 3:00pm

July 20 - Maybe you don't have a gigantic house you have to decorate room by room. Maybe you only have a tiny space but you want it to be really snazzy? Well watch This Small Space today and figure out how. I realize this is probably a show you would usually watch only if you couldn't find the remote control, but come on give it a chance.

H & G 12:00pm

July 19 - Don't you want to redo your house? Does it seem like so much work? Well if a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, then a home decoration would best be done Room by Room, So watch the show of the same name today and get started.

H &G 10:00am

July 16 -The 4400 isn't a movie, it's more of a miniseries except it's once a week for like 5 weeks or something. I'm guessing the episode they're showing today would be a rerun of the pilot that showed Sunday, so if you missed it here's your chance to watch. It's the story of 4400 people who went missing who all reappear in the mist of a passing comet. None has aged a day and none remember anything. I'm not much of a standard Sci-Fi person, but this seemed totally intriguing to me so I watched it on Sunday and it was so good. It was totally interesting and it even had a guy who pulls a Carrie when people piss him off. What can I say I'm totally hooked. So if you missed it Sunday, watch it today. It's totally worth it I swear. Well I generally try not to swear, but it really is great.

USA 2:00pm (2004)

July 15 - Today's movie is also a ride at Universal Studios. Actually it might be more of a show then a ride. Backdraft is the story of  a bunch of cool firemen guys and a really bad arsonist. I'm really not being judgmental or anything, but come on, the guys sets fires. That right there is a pretty glaring flaw. It's not like he just doesn't recycle or something. Hey wanna hear a funny recycling story. My ex-boyfriend was totally into recycling and stuff so when he'd drink beer at my house he used to line the bottles up on the counter so I could recycle them. This was when I was still in the early trying to impress him stage so I pretended like I cared which to be honest I didn't really. Besides we didn't have a recycle place in my complex it's not like it is now. So I'd wait until he left and then I'd throw them all away. Okay so in retrospect maybe it's not really that funny. I wonder if that makes me a bad person? I really don't think he ever knew I didn't recycle them. I know what you're thinking, but don't worry I'm pretty sure he's never seen the site.  Anyway, watch Backdraft today, because the special effects are supposed to be phenomenal.

USA 1:00pm (1991) Kurt Russell

July 14 - So today's pick is called Making Mr. Right, because who's not looking for Mr. Right? Well except for the people who've already found Mr. Right, oh and the people looking for Miss Right. But who cares about them. Watch today's flick that has John Malkovitch as a scientist who creates an android that one might presume from the title to be the Mr. Right of note. Or maybe the scientist who creates the android turns out to be Mr. Right. Seriously, with all these questions on the table how can you Not watch it?

COM 8:00am (1987)

July 13 - Today's pick has Humphrey Bogart playing a DA who goes up against Murder Inc. in The Enforcer, which I guess is based on factual events. What better way to learn history than from a Bogart movie. You know I'm a huge fan now since I saw Casablanca and all.

TCM 3:30pm (1951)

July 12 - Lady in the Lake is a unique detective film in that you see everything the detective, Philip Marlowe himself, sees, and nothing else. The only time you see the main character is when he looks in a mirror. The idea being you and he solve the mystery together. Apparently this was revolutionary for its time and it's probably still pretty cool today.

TCM 9:00am (1946) Robert Montgomery

July 9 - Hey remember that cool Atari game adventure where you would search for keys and fight dragons and stuff? Of course the graphics sucked, but still it was cool for it's time. Anyway today's movie has nothing to do with that but it is called Adventure. It has Clark Gable in it, so I bet it's pretty good.

TCM 12:30 pm (1945)

July 8 - I have no idea what exactly Gold Diggers of 1937 is about, but I know it's got songs. And what musical could be all bad right? Right? Okay so I looked it up. It's a movie about a show who's backers went broke in the stock market or something. But it has songs so it must be kinda cheerful. Although come to think of it Sweet Charity had songs and that was one depressing movie. But I'm sure that Gold Diggers is much better well maybe.  If you want to know more before you commit to watching it, click here. I should tell you though it doesn't actually have anything to do with actual gold miners or anything like I thought it did. But still, it is a musical so... Oh, who cares, watch Dr. Phil or something.

TCM 8:00 am (1936)

July 7 - You have to be so careful who you marry. Poor Ingrid Bergman marries this really mean guy who tries to drive her insane. Watch Gaslight today and have your future husband checked out by a good PI.

TCM 8:00 (1944)

July 6 - Don't you love those movie's where one guy plays both the main characters? Well to be honest sometimes those movies just confuse the hell out of me. Regardless, watch Prisoner of Zenda today because it's supposed to be pretty good.

TCM 1:00 (1952)

July 2 - Wouldn't it be neat to go on a cruise and find love or maybe just romance? Unfortunately I can't afford it right now so I'll have to settle for watching Romance on the High Seas today.

TCM 9:00 am (1948) Doris Day

July 1 - What better setting for a horror movie than a beautiful tropical resort during hurricane season. That's what the directors of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer thought I guess. All in all it's a passably scary movie. And it's summer so what better time to watch it. Maybe it will make you feel better about not getting to go on that tropical vacation this year.

USA 11:00 (1998)



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