July Brick Wall


July 26 - Last Monday was perhaps the worst Monday ever. Why you ask? Let me tell you. First I had to get to work early so I could work some extra time so I could take time off later in the week. Fine whatever, I don't mind getting up early. I get more work done before everyone else gets in anyway. Unfortunately, my quasi-positive attitude wouldn't last...

So I get to work and I turn on my computer and check my email and there is the most annoying email ever from this woman. I made a mistake and sent her an email asking for something it turned out I already had, but I don't think she had it in her to be gracious. Has this woman never made a mistake before in her life? Seriously. So I reply that yes she's right and I'm wrong and I get another snotty email from her.

I'm really annoyed so I decide to make my fabulous breakfast of oatmeal, but there's a new coffeemaker in the break room which for some reason when you hit the button for hot water, gives you lukewarm water. So of course I can't eat bordering on cold oatmeal, so I microwave it. This was a mistake, it turned into something of a  consistency somewhere between wallpaper paste and paper mache.

I was pretty much starving, so I decide to eat it anyway. Another mistake. Then I'm working on a project and I save and close it and open it up like a half hour later to add something, and all of my changes are gone.

I refuse to let Monday get me, so I decide to listen to my tape of Billy Joel's greatest hits. Now I listened to BJ much more in high school than I do now, but for some reason when I'm in a bad mood, Billy cheers me up. So the beginning of 'You May Be Right' comes on and suddenly it becomes garbled. So I open the tape player and of course it had eaten my tape. At that point there was only one thing to do. Given what had transpired so far, I ask you, is it wrong to eat chocolate before 8:30 in the morning?

Tuesday - I don't usually update, but this is turning into a whole Brick Wall week. Today at work I couldn't get anything done and I was inundated with annoying phone calls and emails and whenever I tried to call someone I ended up getting voicemail. Plus when I went in this morning I had to re-update the stuff I lost yesterday and before I could save it my computer crashed and I lost it all and ended up having to do it a third time.

Wednesday - I ended up having this really long irritating conversation where some chick yelled at me and then talked at me for like 25 minutes before I could get a word in. Of course what I had to say completely answered the question it took her 25 minutes to ask but whatever, I actually got to leave at 1:00 which was good.

Went to T's house after work today so we could see a movie. Movie was cool. After I dropped her off I started home and my car overheated on the freeway so I had to pull off at this stop where there was nothing but a gas station, which by the way did not sell  lottery tickets. Finally I managed to get home and then I went to this place and they had one of those machines with the claw that grabs stuffed animals and then you drop them and win the animal. So I managed to grab this really cute stuffed dog with a bone in it's mouth and it held it all the way over to the drop place and then.... it still held it. Nothing I did could make it drop the stuffed animal. I guess I could have put another $.50 but why throw good money after bad? Today's only Wednesday, I have to tell you if this week doesn't get better I may have to take to my bed like they do in those old movies from the '40's and '50's.

Thursday - It turns out I should have taken to my bed. My boss called me into her office today and I thought it was going to be good news. I should have known that no good would come from this week. It turns out that there's going to be another reorg and I will be moving to a new department with one other person and having a new boss. This pretty much sucks. I told my boss that and I think she kind of agreed, but was trying to be positive. I suggested canceling the monthly staff meeting and going out for ice cream instead, but I was voted down. I may still bring the ice cream in though.

Then later in in the afternoon, I was sitting in my beautiful cube right by the window where the sun shines in all day long and the view is pretty interesting, when someone came by to check out their new office. Apparently this reorg thing involves a change of office as well. I enjoyed my time by the window, but it seems I am about to be banished to the fluorescent hopelessness that is the center of the office. I'll be like those people in that Sci Fi radio show I listened to when I was a kid. It was about how the sun suddenly stopped shining and so everything became cold and desolate and the survivors of this cataclysmic event had to go out once a day to some place and get a bucket of air.

The mom on the show talked all the time about the sun and how wonderful it was, but the kids where too young to remember and they can't even imagine it. (It's kind of like how my mom talks about being young in Hollywood in the '50's and how it was totally safe to walk around at night and everything was exciting  glamorous and there wasn't garbage everywhere, but I digress). Any how the whole radio show, the mom just goes on and on about the sun and how wonderful it is and how she misses it. I'm going to be just like that woman. In case you were wondering, at the end of the show they meet other survivors, and it turns out they all live in a biodome - but not like the Pauly Shore movie - with this beautiful fake sun and stuff. I think it was just like one installment of a regular radio series, and it was called 'A Bucket of Air' and if anyone else has ever heard of it email me, because I searched the whole internet and couldn't find anything on it. I thought everything was on the internet.

Hopefully there won't be an update tomorrow. I'm supposed to go diving on Sunday, but luckily Sunday is the start of a new week so I should be okay.

Friday: Apparently I spoke too soon about a lack of updates. Friday wasn't really all that bad except that on the way home I got stuck behind about 100 cars that were stuck behind a train. So then I turned around and went home the back way and hit all the other traffic that was trying to avoid the train and spent what felt like forever in close to 100 degree heat. I sat there watching the light while it changed 4 times in front of me. I admit this wasn't really super bad in itself, even though I had a ton of stuff still to do. I think it was just the culmination of the whole week's worth of stuff.

Saturday: Nope it wasn't quite over yet. A friend from work is moving to Oregon so she had a party on Saturday. I wanted to bring lemon bars. I really should know better than to try cooking something. Let's just say they didn't turn out as expected. That's not to say they didn't still taste good, they just looked bad. When I tried to put them on a plate looking all nice, it didn't really work. To be honest it was kind of a bit of a mess. So I was forced to offer my apologies instead of lemon bars. Maybe I'll bring cookies to work on Monday.

After last week I really need a vacation. Vegas anyone?


*In case you're interested*

 I have a Brick Wall update. If you remember my mysterious phone caller, I still have no idea who it is, but I received an email from one of my exes who saw the site and wanted to make sure I knew it wasn't him. Sadly he was someone I had already crossed off the list of suspects so it wasn't really new information, but still it was nice of him to let me know.

July 19 - So I was babysitting my new nephew and he had just gone to sleep when the battery on my laptop that I hadn't bothered to plug in, because I'm lazy, started to go dead. Why is this such a big deal? After all, all I have to do is plug it in. Am I being a drama queen again? Don't roll your eyes at me.

See usually when my battery starts to go dead. I get error message on the screen. So why is it that this time it had to do this annoying beeping thing, coincidentally right after the baby had finally gone to sleep. I'll tell you why, because I'm me.

So when the beeping started I tried frantically to find my power cord. Of course I couldn't get my backpack open. So the beeping went on and on. I tried to turn the computer off, but it kept giving me an error message.

Finally I was able to find the power cord and get the computer plugged in. Of course by this time the baby was howling really loud. Stupid computer.



July 12 - So I was on my way home from visiting T and J and I was on the freeway at around 5:00. There was a lot of traffic, but the lane I was in was moving at about 65 mph. So there I am flying down the road at about 65 when a car gets out of the lane next to me with no blinker or anything and cuts into my lane... AND STOPS. I am not even kidding. So I of course hit the brakes which work, but not super fabulous. Those of you who are frequent Brick Wall readers know my car has seen better days, most of which were in the 90's.

Anyway, I hit the brakes and my car goes from 65 to a dead stop in time to avoid missing the car, but I did fishtail a little. Then after stopping, the guy starts driving again but at about 5 miles an hour. He does this for like half a mile and then stops again, turns on his signal and waits for someone to let him back in to the traffic filled lane. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. The car had like three people in it and they were doing the car dance thing people do so I guess the driver just wasn't paying any attention.

The really annoying thing about the whole thing is that if I had hit him, it would have been completely my fault, because it's always your fault if you rear end someone, even if they're a horrible driver. What I want to know is how come there's never a cop around when someone's driving like that, but there's one when my tags are just teeny bit expired.

July 6 - So last week was quarter end so I worked an out of control amount of hours. I think it was something like 54 total. Seriously by the end of the week I could barely keep my eyes open. Then I was so tired this weekend I only got around to doing sort of a half-assed update of the site.

My apologies to those of you who check it every Monday. I am a slacker I know. I would promise to do much better next weekend, but then something would probably happen to keep me from keeping my promise and then I'd just have to feel bad about it again so I won't make any promises.



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