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Title - How I got into College

Why - I bought this movie when I ordered something from Amazon for my mom for Christmas. For some reason I never actually got around to watching it though until now. This was one of my favorite movies when I was in high school even though I wasn't applying to colleges then. This movie is just funny.  

Previews - None

Music - Typical '80's teen movie' music; good in a sentimental, those where the days kind of way

General - How I got into College is the story of Marlon (Corey Parker who recently played the 'Gopher' role on Love Boat the Next Wave) who chooses his college based solely on the fact that the girl  he likes wants to go there. Unfortunately, grades and SAT's aren't really his forte.       

Still not one to give up easily, and the stepson of a woman (played by Diane Franklin who played Monique in Better Off Dead) who 'really could use the room' Marlon pushes on. He attends a Bower and Benedict (Phil Hartman and Nora Dunn) workshop. They collect checks, offer SAT tutoring and half-assed advice, and did I mention they collect checks? Hartman and Dunn are great, one of the funniest parts of the movie although Man A and Man B, who sports a rather impressive mullet, are pretty funny as well.  

Marlon's revenge on his mythical tormentors is classic and I'm sure the dream of many SAT sufferers. Perhaps the best part of the movie though is it captures that whole feeling of that time in life (How old am I that I just said that?). Anything can happen and it's going to happen to you. 

This movie is Savage Steve Holland at his second best (He did do Better off Dead).  From the Interview to the essay and everything in between, this movie is definitely worth seeing. Plus the ending proves that sometimes even the strangest dreams can come true.

Best Line - I did it, I got into Ramsey, it's from Ramsey? No it's from Ed McMahon. You may have already won ten million dollars.

2nd Best Line - (College is) like a federal protection and relocation program for teenagers. 

Random Personal Note -  This is where I got the 'If you could be any major appliance what appliance would you be and why' question that I asked in an interview when asked if I had any questions. I did get the job, but then ended up turning it down.

2nd Random Personal Note - One of the characters says his plans for the future are to travel the world with renegade game show hostesses traveling around with unclaimed game show prizes. When I graduated from high school my final quote for the  newspaper was 'I am off to a plethora of exciting opportunities.' This was mostly because I had no plans at all. Strangely my quote never made it into the paper. I thought at the time it was because I didn't get along with the person collecting the quotes, but in retrospect I think maybe  they just didn't know how to spell plethora.



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