There's a Ghost in Room 5

So I was reading this book about this woman who wanted to reopen this abandoned hotel. It was in the town of Goldfield Nevada and was, not surprisingly, called the Goldfield Hotel. So she and her boyfriend and her kid went to live in this place to try and renovate it. It was a really  interesting story, full of ghosts and double crosses (was the hotel theirs, someone else's?) and a bit of intrigue. In the end the hotel didn't get renovated, although at last check it was purchased at a land auction last August and is scheduled to be at least partly renovated and reopened. 

Anyway, the book was kind of interesting, (you can buy it used here) and the whole thing got me wondering what the allure of spending the night in a haunted hotel is. Seriously, in the middle of the night when you're at your most vulnerable, would you really want to wake up to a scary looking guy standing at the foot of your bed? 

Not to mention when you're in the bathroom. What if you're taking a shower. Would you really be able to take the time to get dressed before you ran screaming out of the room.

When I was in Edinburgh, this tour guide friend of mine took us to this bar that was supposedly haunted. I drank a lot of beer and desperately had to use the bathroom, but I was a bit leery since the bathroom was downstairs and that was supposed to be the most haunted section of the bar. Finally it became a necessity and I headed downstairs and ran into one of my friends on the way back up. She was nearly as drunk as I and confessed to her fear of ghosts in the bathroom, but reported she made it through ok. Let me tell you I never used a bathroom so fast in my life. 

Which brings me back to my original point, well sort of. As a general rule we Americans treasure our privacy, and as cool as it might be to see a ghost, wouldn't you rather see it during the day on your terms instead of in the middle of the night. 



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