February  Brick Wall


February 23 - I did a stupid thing. I called my credit card company to ask a question and got talked into buying a stupid credit protection plan thing. That's not the most annoying thing though. So I finally get around to calling to cancel it and the guy is a complete jerk. He starts talking about how , 'fine he can cancel it, but then I'll be completely unprotected.' It wasn't even the words, it was more the tone. I felt like I was in some bad movie and some thug was telling me not to walk alone. Seriously these people don't care about protecting me or ,my credit, they just want my money. Dumbasses.

February 16 - My goal today was to stay home. It seems like an easy goal to reach, after all all you have to do is nothing. Just don't leave your house. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work for me. I plan to spend a day working on the site and just sitting around, maybe watching movies and all of a sudden random events conspire against me and I have to go out and do stuff. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

February 9 - I'm such a horrible person. A friend of mine had a birthday last week and I completely spaced and forgot to send a card or anything. There was a bunch of stuff going on with me this last week or so, but still I feel really bad for forgetting to remember.

February 2 - I failed sniff sniff, my car needs to go to some sort of remedial training school for cars that can't be smogged.  So anyway, due to these new fancy standards and the fact that I live in something called an Enhanced County or something like that. Even though the by the old rules I probably would have passed. Even though I got the super fanciest tune-up and an oil change and a new air filter. I put $300 into my stupid car and it still failed. Talk about crappy luck, or overly stringent environmental rules that punish people who can't afford to buy fancy new cars. I'd like to know what's fair about that.



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