Random Movie Review


Title - Dream For an Insomniac

Why - I rented this movie once and thought it was really cute. A few weeks ago, I saw it in a video store and remembered that I really liked it so I bought it on EBAY. It wasn't as good as I remembered, but still worth the $1.75 I paid for it. 

Previews -  Way too many: Montana (Never heard of it), The Opposite of Sex (Got good indie buzz), Wild Things, The 18th Angel (Never heard of it, but creepy!), Johnny Skidmarks (Was that Jack Black?! Wow it is so does that mean that it's a comedy? Weird.)

Music - Lot's of Sinatra and some mellow type middle of the night sort of music.

General - This movie is about a girl whose parents died when she was 6 and ever since then she can't sleep through the night. This girl is named Frankie because her her parents were great friends with Old Blue Eyes  himself. Anyway Frankie is  sure that someday she will meet the man of her dreams and she'll finally be able to sleep through the night.

One day this guy walks into her family's coffee shop looking for a job. Frankie knows instantly that he's the one. Since this is a movie and movies need time deadlines she and her friend Allison, who coincidentally is played by Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, are moving to LA in three days.

Now convincing a guy to fall in love with her in three days might be difficult in itself, but there's another roadblock here. You see, our hero moved out to California with his 'gasp' girlfriend. Frankie is undeterred though and the two of them spend the evening wandering around SF and getting arrested.  Normally I hate these steal him from his girlfriend movies. Seriously if you have a girlfriend break up with her before you go cavorting around a strange city with some other chick.  In fairness to the movie though, he doesn't actually cheat on his girlfriend with her. Although they do kind of go on  date and get arrested, hrrmmm.

One of the quirkiest parts of the movie is Allison's constantly changing accents. She thinks accents will make her a more marketable actress, so she constantly uses different ones leading someone to occasionally ask where she's from.

I won't tell you how it ends except to say it has a happy ending, but like that's a surprise when it's a romantic comedy.

Best Line - Anything other than mad, passionate love is just a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in this world to deal with, love shouldn't have to be one of them.

2nd Best Line -  Choices are like connecting highways. They all take you to the same place. Some just take longer to get there.

Unprecedented 3rd Best Line - Why is everyone always telling me to be nice?

Random Personal Note -  The first time I saw this movie I was picking up movies to watch with this guy I was dating and I knew he wouldn't want to watch this semi chick flick, so I also got a movie I knew he'd seen like a thousand times and wouldn't want to watch it again.  Of course he didn't want to watch the movie he'd seen a ton of times so I got to see this. See I can be diabolical when I want to. 

2nd Random Personal Note -  You can email me if you think I'm wrong, but I don't believe that you can find that one person and be absolutely sure they're the one you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. This is why I want to get married in Vegas, that way if I decide at the last minute to back out, I won't do it with 250 people waiting in the church.



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