August Timewasters


August 27 - I've been lucky enough to travel around to a lot of places. My absolute favorite place I've ever been is actually a place I only spent about 10 hours. The minute I stepped off the boat onto Santorini I thought to myself, I could live here. It's just that amazing of a place, hopefully someday I'll get to go back and spend more than 10 hours there.  In addition to being amazingly beautiful, Santorini is a relatively small island that was formed  by the eruption of a volcano and contains what some people believe is the actual site of the mythical Atlantis. The archeological site is amazing. You can find out more about the volcano and Atlantis at today's site.


August 26 - Wow, they even have volcanoes in outer space. That's pretty cool. Plus these volcanoes are very far away from where you live so you never have to stress out about them. Unless you live on Mars. Still, what are the chances if you lived on Mars you would be looking at my website? Pretty slim I'd guess.


August 25 - In case you haven't figured it out it's volcano timewasters week. I know it's a bit of a jump from cult TV, but I have the attention span of a gnat so what can I say. Anyhow, if like volcanoes and you'd rather read about ones that are a bit farther away from your house, and you don't live in Italy, look at today's site. It's got lots of interesting volcano facts and some neat pictures so check it out..


August 24 - Ever wonder if there might be a volcano near were you live? I know I have. Okay not really. I mean I have enough to worry about what with earthquakes and high gas prices and such. Still if you're interested in finding out if there are any mountains that are filled with scary molten lava and stuff near where you live, check out today's site.


August 23 - I was on my way to work the other day and I hear this story about a Supervolcano that lies beneath Yellowstone park and if it erupted it could be like this huge cataclysmic event worse than Volcano and Dante's Peak put together and if you've ever seen either movie, you know that's pretty bad. And when I say that's pretty bad I of course mean the movies themselves.


August 20 - So I ran out of quirky Comedy Channelesque pages, but today's site claims to be the ultimate cult TV site. I would argue since it seems to miss a show or two I remember vaguely but fondly. Still it does mention a quirky show called 'Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) aka My Partner the Ghost', which may have given 'Cop Rock' a run for it's money.


August 19 - This guy truly lived my dream. I unfortunately did not. How sad for me.


August 18 - After MST3K my second favorite show on Comedy Central in the early 90's was a little gem called night after night. It was kind of a hodgepodge comedy show with guests and such. They also had an interesting thing they did. Instead of having a whole big audience, they had an audience of one. It was long my dream to be an A01 member. Sadness enveloped me when the show went off the air and I realized I had missed my chance. Still it was a pretty cool show, and you can read about it here.


August 17 - Read the info club site and still have  question or two about MST3K. Check out this site. I think it pretty much has links to everything Misty.


August 16 - Once what seems like a long time ago, Comedy Central was really funny. Not just reruns of other stuff, but funny. They had comedians and talk shows and a little something called MST3K or Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was really cool. I had an internship during college working for a movie studio, and one of my jobs was to screen movies some of which were really really bad. I sure could've used Joel and the Bots then. Anyhow. I've decided to dedicate this week's timewasters to a bit of the old Comedy Central. Starting rather unsurprisingly with the MST3K info club site. Read and enjoy.


August 13 - If you ever find yourself in a classic horror movie situation, today's site is a must read. Although, you know, people in horror movies seldom realize beforehand that they're going to be in a horror movie type situation, so maybe you should read it now so you'll be prepared.


August 12 - Ever wish you could think of a more obscure word to use rather than the same old boring ones you use every single day. Think more interesting words will make you more interesting? They won't, but still you'll have fun looking at the out of the ordinary words and definitions at today's site.


August 11 - Do you ever hear someone talk about this famous painter or that one and wonder what their paintings really looked like? At today's site you can see the pictures for yourselves and form your own opinion about how great the 'Greats' are.



August 10 - So I was bored at work one day and I made paper airplane and flew it at the guy in the cube across from me. Unfortunately I'm really bad at making paper airplanes so it barely went past the end of my desk. Of course if I had seen today's site I would have been all set. So if making great paper airplanes is your thing, this is the link for you.


August 9 - I lead a relatively boring life, which may be why I find all of these conspiracy theory things so fascinating. I had a site a while back that had documents relating to some areas of history that were rampant with conspiracy theories. Since it was a government site and government stuff is always more complicated that everything else, maybe you got tired of trying to find stuff. The answer to your quest may just be today's site. The guy who runs it has requested all sorts of documents from JFK, to UFO's and posted them in an easy to read format. So if you have questions on Area 51 or mind control experiments, this is the place to look.


August 6 - With the presidential election coming up in the US this November I got to thinking about elections in general. Do you ever wonder about elections in Tuvalu, or Madagascar? You can find out all about their elections and elections in a bunch more countries on today's site.


August 5 - They say breaking up is hard to do, but that was before you could write a Dear John letter on the internet with a minimum of fuss. Just enter the email, fill in the name and there you go. I can't believe people say dating today is so difficult.


August 4 - Sure you've heard of the London Underground. You've seen those 'mind the gap' shirts and think you know it all. Maybe you do, or maybe you can find out something you never knew you didn't know at today's site.


August 3 - Have you ever accidentally left a picture of yourself in a photo booth? Seriously how do people do that those things cost like $4 now, what is that in pounds? When I was in Ireland, we found this cool booth that created a sketch of you instead of a photo, kinda cool isn't it? I think it was like 5 Euros or something. Anyway today's site is all about photos left in photo booths in the UK. The people at this site are hoping to reunite these photos with their original owners. So if you live in England or have been there and used a photo booth check, maybe you left your photo on accident.


August 2 - Since it's Monday you might still have a memory of trying to keep your balance after having a bit much to drink. Today's site is perfect for you. Just move your mouse back and forth to try and keep the drunk guy on his feet. You can't win anything, but if you can beat 47 meters, you're cooler than me.




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