August Brick Wall


August 23 - So I woke up on Tuesday morning and my head hurt really bad. Not like I had a headache, but like someone had hit me over the head while I was sleeping. How random is that? I have no idea what could possibly have happened. It hurt all day. Well, let me clarify. Throughout the day at random intervals I would get a sudden sharp shooting pain in my head. It would last for like 15 seconds and then go away. It stayed like this pretty much all week. Finally when I woke up on Friday morning I felt better. Unfortunately my positive outlook was destined for destruction.

I know that all jobs require a person to deal with a certain amount of annoying people. Life in general requires that. I understand that, I'm fine with it, really I am. Still when you have to deal people so annoying you have to actually add the word to their name when you mention them, that's pretty damn annoying.

Take this one chick for instance. She is by far the most annoying person I have to deal with. She works for another company so I don't have to deal with her every day. Which is lucky because if I did I might be forced to see if just maybe I could get those windows open. Anyway, today she calls to ask me something and I tell her I have to get approval for it. Of course she takes this as her cue to email every person she can find an email address for about it.  The end result of this is of course frantic calls to me by people who have no real connection to the present issue. Now my head hurts again.



August 16 - This was a tough week for me. My department basically has two people in it and one of them moved to Oregon last week. I'm sure that everything will shake out okay in the end, but last week was a pain. I guess this was mostly because she was moving and so gone Mon-Wed. So of course in that time frame every annoying person came out of the woodwork asking stupid questions and just generally being a pain in the ass.

For some reason most of the people I have to deal with think 1) rules were created for other people to follow and b) I somehow have the power to change these rules at will. Since I am well aware of the fact that neither of these things are true, it made for a very trying week.

Also, on a side note, I went over the speed bump and my cheesy Las Vegas dice I hung from my rear view mirror (mostly I bought them because someone told me not to. I hate that) bounce up and the string snapped so they will no longer hang from my rear view mirror which will, I'm sure, please some people, but really bums me out.

August 7 - I was on my way home from work on Tuesday and I was shocked, shocked! to see that they had put two speed bumps on my street. How annoying. Plus they were like ten feet apart. Seriously they were the afraid if they had put them twenty feet apart someone would have sped up super fast in between them because that extra ten feet made all the difference in the world. The most annoying part is that the speed bumps are like in front of an apartment building. It's not like it's houses were some kid would go running out in the street to chase a ball or something. Don't tell anybody, but I think it was done just to annoy me.

*In case you're interested*

I received an email from Joe, who by the way totally rocks, (Yeah it's slang and I probably used it wrong) who told me that my 'Bucket of Air' story listed in the longest 'Brick Wall' ever was probably a short story by a man named Fritz Leiber called 'A Pail of Air' about a family who survived the earth breaking out of it's orbit around and traveling out into space. I'm guessing that the story was then read as part of a sci fi radio show that ran originally in the 60's. So thanks a bunch Joe for assuring me that I didn't imagine that whole 'Bucket of Air' thing.

August 2 - So I had two brick wall moments this week. I call them conference calls. I don't know what it is about conference calls, but for some reason you can talk for hours, but not actually accomplish anything. It doesn't matter how smart the people on the call are, I just don't think they get a lot accomplished. I appreciate being involved in the decisions that are made, but sometimes it's just frustrating. Maybe it just brings to light the enormity of everything that has to be done.



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