April What to Watch


April 30 - Super Ultra Mega Really Famous Movie Star falls for stupid travel bookstore owner who says dumb stuff all the time. They call this a chick flick, but seriously, I bet there are tons of dorky guys out there who totally believe that one days a SUMRFMS will drop into their life and fall madly in love with them. So if that's you, watch Notting Hill today.

USA 12:30 pm (1999) Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

April 29 - I know that sometimes Fathers hate the guys their daughters date, but I think Bob Hope goes a little overboard in today's pick when he moves to Sweden to get his daughter away from a guy he doesn't like. So if you've ever known someone who dated someone you detested, watch I'll Take Sweden today and sympathize with his plight.

TCM 9:30 am (1964)

April 28 - There seems to be a small problem with geography in today's pick. It's called the Cincinnati Kid, but it takes place in New Orleans. Also it's about a poker player, so maybe the Cincinnati thing is just a nickname.

TCM 11:00 am (1965) Steve McQueen

April 27 - Everyone loves a good makeover, so watch My Fair Lady today and see one of the most extreme makeovers of all time.

AMC 2:00 pm (1964) Rex Harrison

April 26 - Remember when the Russians were totally the bad guys? Well in today's pick, Jet Pilot, John Wayne falls for a Soviet pilot who may or may not be played by Janet Leigh since she also stars. Watch today and be nostalgic for a world when we had an enemy who in retrospect wasn't really that scary after all.

AMC 3:30 pm (1957)

April 23 - Most people think of Mary Tyler Moore as the great comedic actress that she is, but she shows off her dramatic side in Ordinary People, the story of a family dealing with the loss of a son.

AMC 3:30 (1980) Donald Southerland

April 22 - I picked today's movie for the title. Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare. Seriously, who can't relate to that?

USA 9:00 am (1995) 

April 21 - She made shopping practically qualify for an Olympic event. Plus she did worse on her drivers test than I did. So watch Clueless today and remember high school like it wasn't.

USA 3:00 pm (1995) Alicia Silverstone

April 20 - Robert Duvall plays a country singer trying to rebuild his life in today's pick. Maybe it will have lots of songs about broken hearts and cheatin' husbands and stuff. Plus Robert won an Oscar for his performance, so check out Tender Mercies today.

AMC 1:30pm (1983) Ellen Barkin

April 19 - Can you see Bette Davis as a pianist who tries to hide an affair from her husband? After all, she always played those characters who seemed to be hiding something. Doesn't sound right to you, watch Deception today and see what I mean.

TCM (:00 am (1946)


April 16 - Never quite got over that loser from your past? Well watch Second Chance on TLC today and hopefully that will be enough to keep you from contacting them. Although in retrospect, they may just show the ones that work out.

TLC 1:00 pm 

April 15 -Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Seriously, with a title like that is there any way you could not watch it? Plus TV Guide describes it as "The adventures of a US astronaut on the red planet." I don't know about you, but that pretty much clinches it for me.

AMC 11:15 am (1964) Paul Mantee 

April 14 - See there's this guy and he works in a morgue and then people are dead, which doesn't seem to be so strange since well, the guy works in a morgue, but apparently he becomes the prime suspect in some murders or something. Oh and he must work nights since it's called Night Watch. But I don't think time starts over when he sees dead people like for that chick on that TV show that everyone but me seems to hate with a vengeance. I don't hate it myself. Don't like it a ton, but don't really hate it. Anyhow watch night shift today and see if the guy really did it or is just a red herring. 

USA 10:30 am (1998) Ewan McGregor

April 13 -When I was in Edinburgh I went on a tour through this underground city. It was kind of creepy and supposed to be haunted and more like caves really than a city. I wonder if that is what it's like Beneath the Planet of the Apes. I guess you'll just have to watch today to find out. 

AMC 11:45 am (1970) James Franciscus

April 12 - You know how there's this group of people who think that the whole space program is one big hoax. All that stuff about the moon landing really being filmed in Nevada or something? Well today's movie is all about how the first manned mission to mars was a hoax. I never even heard of a manned mission to mars, but then what do I know. Plus I've never seen Elliot Gould in a serious role. He plays a reporter who finds that the truth is that it was all a lie. So watch Capricorn One and learn all about it. Maybe there's a secret message in there somewhere about how they faked the moon landing.

AMC 3:30 pm (1978) 


April 9 - It's got Tyrone Power, or maybe it has Tyrone Power power. Get it? like a phrase meaning a movie can be successful on the power of his name which happens to be Power. See????? It's funny isn't it? Oh heck, I don't even really know who Tyrone Power is. I mean I've heard of him, but it's not like I could pick him out of a line-up or anything. Oh, hey did I mention today's pick also has lifeboats and lots of drama? Admit it, you really want to watch Abandon Ship now don't you.

AMC 10:00 am (1957)  

April 8 - If the characters in today's pick The Expendables are really expendable, why do we even care what happens to them? Maybe we're supposed to grow to love them and reflect on how cruel our society is to see them as expendable. Hey maybe by the end of their covert mission, society won't see them as expendable anymore. 

USA 9:00 am (2000) 

April 7 - I don't know if today's pick is pretentious, but the title, 'Dodsworth' does kind of make it sound like it is. It's the tale of a self-made man and his restless wife. It was based on a novel by Sinclair Lewis, who's name also sounds pretentious, but heck I say give it a chance.

TCM 8:45 am (1936) Mary Astor

April 6 - Most people remember Humphrey Bogart for Casablanca, but he also made a little known film about a juvenile on trial for murder called Knock on Any Door. If you're a big Bogart fan check it out today.

AMC 9:35 am (1949) John Derek 

April 5 - From the description I can't tell if the Tough Guys of the title were previously bank robbers who took a long hiatus or if they were just a couple of bored older guys who thought it might be cool to rob a bank. Hrmmm. Well you can find out today.

AMC 2:05 (1986) Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster

April 2 - Hud was a big huge jerk apparently, or a heel in old fashioned western speak. Anyhow they made a movie about this heel of a guy and three people won Oscars, not unfortunately Paul Newman who plays the character of the title. So watch it today for Paul and for the great supporting acting and fabulous camera work.

AMC 3:00 pm (1963)   

April 1 - Someone should have told Matt LeBlanc it's never a good thing to costar in your first feature film with a monkey even if it has a rather innocuous title like Ed.. Maybe they did and he just didn't listen. Maybe he did it for you, so you would see that other people make bad decisions too.

USA 9:00 am (1996) Jayne Brook, Bill Cobbs



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