April Timewasters


April 30 -  The freedom of information at has been in effect since 1967. Because of this the government was required to release all sorts of information they had previously been keeping to themselves. If you've ever been interested in learning what was really in the FBI file on a certain person, group, or historical event, now's your chance. Some of these, I'm assuming the most requested, are actually available to download at today's site.



April 29 - Today's site pays homage to that fruit that gave so many of us our entry into the work force. Unless you used that fake stuff that to my knowledge contained no actual lemon juice.



April 28 - What was up with that whole Mothman thing anyway? Was it aliens from outer space, or a curse put on the land by Cornstalk. Read today's site and decide for yourself.  



April 27 - This site has some interesting pics of abandoned buildings and haunted places plus some cool links to more of the same. All in all it is kind of interesting, but I'm still glad I'm just addicted to chocolate.



April 26 - I've always been interested in thunder and lightning. I think electrical storms are pretty cool. I do have to admit though, that I really didn't know anything about either phenomenon until I checked out today's link. Plus as an added bonus it has an experiment you can do where you actually create lightening.




April 23 - I used to date a guy who  really hated mayonnaise and once claimed a Chinese food restaurant was trying to kill him when they put mayo in the sauce (I'm pretty sure he was joking rather than paranoid). I've never really been a huge fan of the stuff myself, and you know what I say, if the French invented it...



April 22 - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Three Stooges, and if you never wanted to know anything about them, it's still interesting. Really.




April 21 - I thought they were just dating me. Apparently they're forming clubs now too. Dull men of the world unite.




April 20 - Wish it was summer and you could visit a bunch of cool amusement parks? Yeah me too. But in the meantime visit today's site and see pictures of cool roller coasters all around the country. Also not the Bungee Jump thing at Circus Circus, which is both not a roller coaster and also where we saw some guy standing for like 15 minutes without jumping.





April 19 -I am slightly claustrophobic, but I still think it would be cool to go exploring in caves. I went in a few when I was in Ireland a few years ago and it was neat. One was an old mine on some guys property and the other was this cool cavern place with all sorts of stagla-whatevers all over the place. I guess my claustrophobia's not that bad after all.




April 16 - Single? Lonely? Think it might be because your standards are too high? One loser after another? Pathetic excuses for relationships? Maybe your standards are too low. Not sure, find out at today's site.



April 15 - Bored? Try a crossword or perhaps a word search puzzle or maybe just indulge in a bit of trivia, this site has it all.



April 14 - Ever wonder why America declared her independence from England, aside from the fact that they treated the Irish so badly that is, Okay so that had nothing to do with it, but maybe it should have. Well here's your chance to find out what led up to that momentous decision. 



April 13 - This site is the ultimate timewaster if you're the type who likes to read stuff on your computer. As far as I can tell, most of these books aren't actually ebooks, or at least they didn't start out that way. You can find the classics and some Mark Twain, although I guess those would be considered classics too, and tons more, so check it out. 



April 12 - Ever wonder what it looks like in outer space, but don't really want to go through the anti-gravity training and Tang diet? Here's your chance.



April 9 -Suddenly it's all making sense. And of course in a way it explains why all those awful American Idol contestants still audition.



April 8 - You know how people always say stupid stuff just because people have been saying stupid stuff forever? Like 'oh you closed the barn door after the horse got out,' or 'don't count your chickens before they're hatched,' or 'nobody does electricity like the Amish,' or one of my favorites 'Once in a Blue Moon.' Well I found out today that a Blue Moon is a real phenomenon and you can find out all about it at today's site.



April 7 - Remember how not that long ago everyone was talking about that asteroid that 'just' missed the earth by a million or so miles?  So I go to wondering, 'who monitors these things and how do they do it?' That's how I found today's site.



April 6 - So you're watching Jurrasic Park (The first one of course since the other ones were awful. Well I can only really speak for the second one being awful since I avoided the third one completely, but... Anyway, so you're watching Jurrasic Park) and the Cynical Guy (not to be confused with the Dinosaur Guy) is talking about chaos theory and you wish there was a better explanation then the movie-time version. Wow, today's your lucky day, I mean what are the chances? What I'm trying to say is check out today's site.



April 5 - Ever think to yourself, 'I really should update my blog because my public is waiting, but I don't really care and I really want to watch TV'? Well, today's link is the answer to all your problems. Well okay so maybe just the blog problem.



April 2 - Every once and a while I find myself thinking that I really don't know enough about candy. For instance until I looked at today's side, I never knew that candy is made simply by dissolving sugar in water. The different heating levels determine the types of candy: Hot temperatures make hard candy, medium heat will make soft candy and cool temperatures make chewy candy.  Check it out so you too can be sweetly informed.



April 1 -When you were a kid did you ever do that science experiment where you turned flowers different colors? No? Wow you had a lousy childhood. But don't feel too bad because you can find out how at today's site.




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