April Brick Wall


April 26 - I am in the worst mood ever today. I am once again having problems with my stupid car. It randomly overheats, even though the coolant thing is full. Although I guess it may not be overheating exactly, because the car seems fine, but the thermostat goes all crazy. So now I have to take it in to a car place tomorrow and be late for work, which will mean working later. Plus, my computer had power intermittently, so I couldn't update my web site until today and it's like 100 degrees here, so it's hot and I am grouchy. I'd have a pity party, but I don't have any ice cream. How sad for me.

April 19 - So one of the women in my office was having a birthday so my boss got a really nice plant for her. Since my cube is the farthest away from everyone else's she put it there so the birthday person wouldn't accidentally see it.  This was unfortunate since plants hate me. I told the woman I work with about my bad history with plants, but she just laughed it off. Everyone just laughed it off. I tried to warn them, but no one ever listens tsk tsk.

So anyhow I came into my cube on Monday morning and the plant, which I watered on Friday before I left, was dead. I went and found a co-worker and explained my distress and she said, something about being sure it was fine. Well she said that until she actually saw the plant. Now my new nickname around the office is Plant Killer. I tried to warn them, really I did. Oh why does nobody listen? I really didn't mean the plant any harm. I bet it did that on purpose because it instinctively knew about all the plants I killed when I lived in San Diego. See I'd get a plant, put it on my front porch, water it for a few days and then forget all about it. Then a few weeks later I would admit defeat and throw the plant away. Then idiot that I am, I'd buy another plant. Finally after about the fourth plant I got smart, but those plants haunt me to this day. Okay not really but it sounds better if I felt bad. Not to say I didn't feel bad at the time, but you know, that sort of thing wears off pretty quick.

April 12 - I went out to pick up In-N-Out burger for dinner and of course there's a huge line in the drive-thru. I know I shouldn't be so lazy, but I am. So I'm sitting in the drive-thru line and I notice my the needle on the temperature gage is edging toward the H. First of all, the weather was pleasant, it wasn't really hot. I had only been in the drive-thru for like five minutes. Also I had just checked my coolent and it was full. Of course none of this mattered because my car was still on the verge of overheating. Now at this point the logical thing would be to turn on the heater, since for some odd reason this cools an engine down (I won't go into now why I think this idea is so screwy, but whatever). Of course, turning on the heater isn't actually an option for me since, yep you guessed it, I have no heater. So all I could do was keep turning my car off and on and hope desperately that my car would at least hold off on overheating until I was no longer trapped in a drive-thru line. Which, in case you were worried, it did, but seriously I don't need this kind of stress, it's bad for my skin.  

April 5 - So I'm driving home yesterday and I'm stopped at a light waiting to make a right turn and my car gets hit from behind by a giant white thing. Actually it was some sort of SUV. My car is super tiny, so it gave me a bit of a jolt and I admit freaked me out.  Luckily my car isn't badly damaged, which surprised me since it felt pretty strong,  but unfortunately I have a sore neck and a headache so I may have to go to the stupid doctor if it doesn't go away. Can I tell you how much I hate going to the doctor? My head hurts worse just thinking about it. 

Plus to make things even worse, I think I've developed a fear of right turns and white SUV's. I'm going to turn out just like that white rat kid.  Was it John Watson who did that? You know he gave the kid a white rat (or maybe it was a rabbit) and every time the kid picked it up he made a really loud noise so that the kid grew up afraid of white stuff, or maybe it was rabbits, I don't know for sure. But if it interests you you can find out more here. Either way, pretty sure he's not the guy you want babysitting your kid.  Anyhow, now, just like Little Albert, I fear white stuff. Oh wait my car's white too. Maybe I'll just fear large white stuff. Oh, then I'll never be able to ski, what with the large white mountains and all. Hrmm I'll have to think on this. 



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