I've decided to make Odd Jobs a once a week feature. While there are probably still as many strange employers and jobs, it's just not as much fun to seek them out anymore, so what's the point.

These are actual job ads (contact info removed) or jobs I've been offered from temp agencies that I though were strange or just randomly interesting.  

If any of these match your job description - My Apologies

September 13 - I always think jobs like this sound so cool at first. Work for a good cause, travel, exciting opportunities. Of course, it's really just going door to door in random neighborhoods asking people for money.

Charity fundraiser

We are looking for bright, outgoing, self-motivated team players who have a genuine feel for the causes we represent. Our dialoguers are the public face of the charities and need to be comfortable communicating with all kinds of people. We provide accommodation and transport so day-to-day living costs are minimal. There is a guaranteed minimum wage of 190 a week however the average earnings are 350. There are also good opportunities for promotion.

As a dialoguer you will be part of a mobile team that works throughout the UK so there is great opportunity to travel. You will live and work as part of a team so interpersonal skills are essential. We ask for an initial 5-week commitment so we can provide comprehensive training however we find most dialoguers are keen to stay on after this introductory period.



Sept 7  - I wonder where you have to drive the dogs to. If it's like the vet or something they'll totally hate you and that will be awful for your self-esteem because dogs in general don't hate anyone. Well except you.

Part Time Dog Driver! 

Make a little extra money on top of your regular job and get to spend some time with great dogs! 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Great way to start a career working with dogs. Must be 25 and have a clean driving record. We provide the vehicle.


August 23 - I wonder if this guy has ever heard of this neat thing they have now. I think it's called a phone book. They have these things called yellow pages. You look in them by alphabetical order and you can find companies. I mean really if you're hiring a private investigator shouldn't you find someone who's licensed and all that?


Looking for a private investigator for survellience on a small business. Need written feedback and pictures. Length of detail approximately 2 weeks. Please send information about yourself and salary requirements.


August 16 - Not often you see an ad calling for hearse owners.

F R E A K S , G H O U L S , Z O M B I E S . . . unite!!!

We're looking to hire a motivated and energetic crew of individuals to help put on one of America's largest "haunted" events during the 2004 Halloween season. We need artists (both visual and performing), actors, X -treme stuntpersons, contortionists, sword swallowers, fire-breathers, and freaks or specialty acts of all types!!! We are also looking for MAKE-UP ARTISTS, SEAMSTRESSES & HEARSE OWNERS. If you're a twisted individual and SERIOUSLY into Halloween then, please, e-mail your resume.


August 7 - How cool is this. Your job would just be one endless road trip. I wish my life was one  endless road trip. Just me the open road and an unlimited amount of junk food. Now that would be cool. The best part of this job is that you could fly home. I like a good road trip as much as the next person, but everyone knows that driving home is always the least fun part of the trip.

Occasional Driver

Need drivers with excellent driving records to occasionally drive fleet cars from one location to another. For example, Milwaukee to Chicago, or Chicago to NYC or Florida. This is an on-call type of job. When a car becomes available, we go though our list of eligible drivers to see who is available. Return transportation will be provided. (by air, rail, bus or van) There is no obligation to take any runs. We are just adding to our list of eligible drivers.


August 2 - Isn't there a 'For Dummies' book for this?

Need Help In Downloading Pix to Hosting Company

And understanding the whole process. Could use some instruction in picking the hosting company to determine what I need. Will be building an ebay store and could use some help with the mechanics of working that - such as understanding how to put items for sale, remove items, upload pix from a hosting site, etc.

Also need to know how to coordinate the email addresses you get with hosting. Will be building a website (or have one built) and would like to know how this gets delivered to the hosting company.

If this makes sense to you and you know what I need, please reply.


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