November Odd Jobs

November 28 - It'll be just like that movie about the 80's with Adam Sandler.

Band Wanted for Week-end Gigs with Wedding Singer

I am seeking a band to accompany me at week-end gigs as a wedding singer. I am just getting started, following a friend's recommendation, and am tentatively engaged to perform at a wedding in the Spring. Sinatra, oldies, 80s classics, etc., are in the right musical genre. I would like to do additional gigs in the future, perhaps some before then, make a little money on the side, and have a fun time belting out tunes.

If interested, we can meet and discuss options.

Compensation: Depends on each event ...

November 27 -How many people does this person send Christmas cards to that she has to hire total strangers to address them?

Address Christmas Cards

Applicants can work in shifts ranging from three to eight hours or until Christmas cards are done. Must be available to work sometime between the hours of 10:30am - 5:30pm, M-F.

Applicants must have good handwriting and English as a primary language. Non smokers who like dogs only!

Please fax a handwriting sample along with contact information and availability.

Compensation: $8/hr

November 26 - If I were a computer geek I would be offended by some stupid ad calling me a computer geek. But then my idea of troubleshooting is yelling at my computer, so maybe being a computer geek isn't so bad.


I need help in reorganizing my offering plan. Must know PhotoShop, Word and Mac. $10/hr. Call or e-mail if interested. 

Compensation: $10/hr

November 25 - Kickboxing, it's the wave - er uh sport of the future. 

Cardio Kickboxing Instructor

Looking for a certified kickboxing instructor to teach at a local health & wellness facility. Must have at least 1-2 years of group exercise instruction experience. Instructor will teach a class that involves kickboxing sequences and drills working out the upper and lower body. If candidate is not certified, the opportunity to gain certification may be granted within 6 months of employment.

Compensation: $ 20.00 - $ 22.00 hourly


November  24 - Uh doesn't this guy know he can buy a dual tape deck boombox for less than $25 bucks.

Can someone copy an audiotape for me?
I need to make one or two copies of an audiotape ASAP--preferably by Monday.  I'll supply the tape and I'll come to you; just let me know your price.


Compensation: $10-$25?

November 21 -The money's not great, but it sure beats posing au natural.

Still have your Halloween costume?

Did you have an interesting Halloween costume? Do you still have it? Would you be interesting in posing with it for a drawing session?
The session is three hours with poses ranging from 2 minutes all the way to a half an hour. We draw in a gallery after it closes for the day. Pay is $18 dollars an hour.

Compensation: $18/hour for a three hour session

November 20 - I read this book once and the main character was a commitment phobic guy who finally decided to propose to his girlfriend. To prove he wanted to settle down he bought a wardrobe from Ikea for her and went over to her house to put it together. 5 hours later when she came home he was still sitting on the floor surrounded by odds and ends. He should have placed an ad like this. I do wish this guy had spell checked his ad first though.

Put some Ikea furniture together

we need someone to put a few large Ikea peices together. we are putting them on a truck in the AM and would want someone around noon.
Email ASAP if yuou are the person for this job.

Compensation: 10 bucks an hour CASH


November 19 -Did you ever see that episode of friends where Joey was a cologne sprayer and he was in a feud with another cologne sprayer and then the other guy inadvertently sprayed the cologne in some woman's eyes and got fired. Uh no me either, but the story does point out the potential dangers of a job like this.

2 girls needed to spray people with perfume at product launch

2 lovely girls with good skin needed for new book and skincare launch at party. every major magazine and tv show will be in attendance. send email and pic. you will spray guests with perfume.

Compensation: 20 bucks for a few hours

November 18 - I guess it never occurred to me to wonder where the patterns for men's suits come from. 

Experienced Patternmaker.

Menswear company seeking freelance patternmaker/samplemaker.
Responsibilities include making patterns from sketches or garments. Must have experience with making patterns for mens suits.

Compensation: Varies per pattern.

November 17 - I guess it's not any stranger than running for governor.

One night (or two) job publicity stunt

We are sponsoring an event at the Country Club to bring attention to the plight of jobless men in the city. We are seeking up to 12 men to do a publicity stunt the weekend. Must be available over the next two weeks to assist in putting the event together and all weekend the 21st in case we get the publicity needed and restage.

We are seeking bold daring guys with a variety of job types and skills from white to blue collar. We must hear from you soon to make this happen over the next two weeks. Send letter with work experience and type of job sought.

Compensation: Minimum plus a percentage of cover

November  14 - Come to this party, play one song then go home. They don't even mention if you get free food or not. I mean haven't they ever heard of starving musicians - or maybe that's starving artists. Whatever.

Trumpet Player
Looking for trumpet player to accompany DJ at birthday party in January to ONE song (extended mix) - The Way You Move by Big Boi. Send me experience and fee requirements.

November 13 - This job would suck. I always see people standing on corners doing this and I am glad I'm not them.

Living Sign

Seeking an energetic person to be a living sign for a new housing development. Pay is $11.00 per hour. We provide a company shirt, hat, lightweight sign and training for the job. Hours are Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

November 12 - I was gonna email them, but I got too anxious when I realized they couldn't even spell study correctly twice in one ad.


We are conducting a sudy of a new anxiety questionnaire with 2 currently approved treatments for anxiety (and placebo).

November 11 - Ever been made an ass of? Ever been suckered out of a bunch of money. Worried that not enough people know you're a dumbass? Talk to us on tape, everyone will know how stupid you were and hey we'll give you 20 bucks to ease the humiliation. Uh sure.


If you have ever been swindled out of $$$ we/d like to know about it and possibly feature you in a short, independent film. You will be compensated if filmed.

Compensation: $20/HOUR--PART TIME JOB

November 10 - What do you mean no experience necessary? You mean they aren't really psychic? Dionne Warwick where are you? 

Give Advice - NEED Phone Operators

For open mined individuals who don't want a boss anymore! Ever thought about being a psychic? No experience? Does not matter. We are looking for entrepreneurial types, responsible people who can manage their own
schedule. Must have phone line and computer at home.

All training is provided so no experience necessary. You will learn to use an interactive software program which will tell you everything you would need to say. Paid per minute of time spent on the phone with client.

November 7 - I think the problem here is that people are confusing 15 minutes of fame with several hours of humiliation. Although the ad is a bit vague so maybe they'll  just use the footage for research purposes. 

Observational Research - we want to make a documentary about your life

We are a research company who hang out with people and film their lives to see how products, brands and services fit in.

We are interested in recruiting 12 overweight people who may be single, with families, or retired. We will spend 3 full days with you and the rule is that you ignore us and get on with your daily work/routines/lives so we can intermittently capture anything that we find interesting on video tape.

Compensation: 175 for 3 full days of hanging out

November 6 - He says he's shooting a pilot, but something sounds odd to me. Can you say cable access? Then again with so many random cable networks these days, who knows.

Got style and personality? Be on my TV show!

I'm an independent producer/writer/director developing a fashion-oriented TV pilot. I need men and women who think they have a flare for fashion.

You need to find duds at thrift stores and turn them into fabulous ensembles on barely no budget at all! You have to have A LOT of personality and convey it on camera. I want flamboyancy and attitude!

If this sounds like you, please contact me.

Compensation: Clothing and residuals

November 5 - This is so cool. I mean a professional fiddler probably has a lot of trouble finding work these days. Besides there's no better music to drink to than Irish music.

Fiddler Wanted

I am looking for a fiddler (or duo) who can play Irish and other traditional music for a small audience. May be a few extra bucks in it as I will ask for tips at the end of the performance but at least $200 is definate for this short gig. Thanks.

Compensation: 1.5 hours of work for $200


November 4 - Huh?? The funny thing about this job is that they tell you absolutely nothing about it. Uh sure yeah I uh want the job. Whatever. This guy's a dumbass.

I Need Your Help Friday ... morning

please email me for more information. i would need you from very early in the morning till about 10am. thanks...

Compensation: will pay $20/hour + bonuses

November 3 - When I was in Venice I saw this glassmaking demonstration and I thought to myself, now that would be a cool job. If you think that too, then this job's for you.

Glass Shop Apprentice

CRAFT PERSON to learn production operation in Glass Shop. Drilling, grinding, cutting, and beveling. Also reading drawings and blue prints. Good work and social skills a must. Starting pay $9.00.



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