January Odd Jobs


January 29 -  I wonder what he needs it for? A lizard maybe?

I need a Terrarium built (plexiglass, etc)


I need a terrarium built to certain specifications (specific size, hinged roof, etc). Not very large. I just don't have the time to hunt down the materials and build it. Please let me know if you are good with plexiglass or acrylic and can turn this around pretty quickly (1-2 weeks).

Thank you

January 28 - You can't trust anybody these days.

Collect this debt for me

I need you to collect $100 that is owed to me by a person who commissioned me to write five pages. She never paid up and has ignored repeated communications and Pay Pal invoices from me. Collect $100, keep $40. I suppose I'll have to trust you, too, to hand over my $60, but I figure it's worth it  since I can't go myself.

Compensation: $40

January 27 -  See jobs like this sound great, you get to travel all over, but then you kind of wonder WHY this guy needs a traveling companion. And WHY he'd pay you about $350 a week for it. Although it does talk about client meetings, so I guess this one's a toss up. I don't think I'd apply for it though.

travel companion

I need someone to accompany me on trips
mainly within the US and Hawaii and sometimes overseas

You would need to help me organize the trips before we go and help me interact with clients leaving a great impression.

Some of the trips are business and some are just to have fun and perhaps have one dinner with business associates.
Either way you would have lots of free time.

Compensation: $1,500 a month plus expenses


January 26 - I thought the networks vowed not to do exit polls anymore.

Exit Poll Interviewer


DATE: February 3, 2004


DUTIES: Hand out surveys to primary attendees. Call in results to newsroom.

PAY: $200

Must be responsible, punctual and polite. Pollsters will be paid within seven days of the election.

Compensation: $200

January 23 - It's good to see men objectified for a change (okay not really, but you should SEE some of the ads I've had to read).  


Looking for tall (6'on up), athletic, personable men
to wash windows at high-end retail areas and upscale
homes. Part time work...full time pay. Ideal job for actor/model/creative types. Have the flexibility to make your auditions...avoid the waiter/stockroom trap. This is the coolest-most fun job you will have
short of  making it. My stores and homes are where the industry is. I'll probably do more for the real reason you came here than your agent. Leave contact number and-if possible-headshot. Must have reliable transportation.

Compensation: Daily/Weekly Pay

January 22 -  How hard could it be, I mean they do it on trading spaces all the time.


I have a small loveseat. I need a washable slip cover - something that ties on, 'shabby chic look' doesn't need to fit perfectly, just hide the sofa underneath and perhaps matching pillow cases. If you have a selection of fabric even better. Please send me an estimate.

January 21 - This sounds cool. You could be creative and help some new entrepreneur and make $20. I would totally do this.

20 bucks for 30 minutes of brainstorming

I am interested in speaking with creative people about their preferences for names and logos for products such as a clothing line. I consider  creative  to be anyone that is interested in art, music, or fashion- so thatís pretty much everyone! Iím looking to get feedback from people that are not my friends or biased in my favor.

I will pay you $20.00 to have a 30 minute  brainstorming conversation with me at a time convenient to you. This job may involve accepting pictures of logos over the internet. I will pay for the call and send you $20.00 via cashierís check/money order, or Paypal. Itís up to you. If this sounds interesting to you please contact me!


January 20 -  Here's another one for the not gonna do it file. Do they know you can go to a salon and have this done and not subject some poor desperate job seeker to it.  One more thing, $30 per hour? How long do they think it's going to take? I mean just how hairy is this guy? And I think it would have to be WAYYYYYY more than $30 an hour and even then I'd have to be starving before I'd consider it. And one last thing, learn to punctuate. Apostrophes are your friends.


I am looking for someone to Wax My Back and Shoulders for me thats it.
I would like someone who has done it before, as I dont want it to hurt more than it has to.
If you are interested, please drop me an email and we can set up an appointment.
Please put  Waxing  in the Subject Line of your response.

Compensation: $30 per hour

January 19 - Now this is a guy who really likes his beer. Or at least really likes the person he's getting it for as a gift. Of course $30 isn't much when you factor in the plane ride etc. Of course if it was the other direction and you really wanted to go to the UK, you could try to convince yourself that the trip to London would actually be for work. Then you could write it off on your taxes.


I want to get a 4 pack of Caffrey's beer for a x-mas gift this year - but found out they do not sell it in the US - I will pay you $30 (and cost of the beer) for anyone that would be willing to buy and bring over a 4 pack to NYC or PHILADELPHIA.

Please e-mail me asap!!!!!!
Compensation: $30


January 16 - If they haven't done laundry in 2 years, how bad must that stuff smell. Not to mention, what do they have left to wear? Now that's just scary. And seriously how do you get references for a job like this?

Do My Laundry & Ironing - Please!!!

I have a ridiculous amount of laundry that I have been meaning to do for about 2 years now and haven't got around to doing. I need someone to come over to my apartment, sort the laundry, wash, dry, iron, and hang and/or fold the laundry.

The laundry machines are in my apartment and I will provide all detergents, fabric softener, iron, ironing board, etc...

You can probably finish the job over one weekend. You can watch TV, read, listen to the radio, etc... while you are working or waiting for the washer/dryer to finish.

I'll pay $30 total. Non-smoker with reliable references only.

January 15 - Yeah, I'll do it for your undying gratitude and admiration, that's totally worth my time.

Quick side job for you, techie: retrieve and convert files

I have a handful of clarisworks 2.1 files on a dying mac powerbook 5300. The screen is fritzing, so you can't read it. I need you to retrieve the files from the hard drive and convert them to PC microsoft word/works files. If you know what you're doing I can't imagine this takes long. Again, the screen is unreadable, so you have to be able to retrieve them from the hard drive. I will pay in cash. Or you can have the powerbook. Or just my undying gratitude and admiration. You choose.

Compensation: you tell me (best offer from someone who sounds like they know what they're doing wins).


January 14 -  Okay so this isn't an actual job, but what do you think would happen if someone placed an ad for a nanny, but instead of a regular ad, they ran the ad that Jane and Michael Banks came up with in Mary Poppins? I wonder if anyone would actually apply or if they would be put off by the 'whole toads in your bed or pepper in your tea' thing.

January 13 - See I kind of think that the questions 'Do you like movies?' and 'Do you want to work in a video store for minimum wage?' might have different answers. Besides if you want me to be fun and outgoing the pay has to be better.

Oh and as far as the whole honesty thing goes, does that mean I'm supposed to tell people the ending to the movie they're renting if I've already seen it?

Do you like movies?

Video Store is now seeking a part-time clerk. Applicants must be fun, outgoing, good people and social skills, great attitude, be honest, and hard working. It is a fun atmosphere with a great opportunity for advancement. Responsibilities include (but not limited to) inventory, light up keep of the store, and dealing with the general public.
Computer skills and knowledge of movies a plus but not necessary.

Please go ahead and reply to this email to set up an interview. We are looking to hire ASAP so don't wait and inquire now.

January 12 - I always wanted a pony when I was little, maybe this would be the perfect job for me. Oh except I don't actually have any experience. Darn it.


Groom wanted for busy equestrian center. Full and Part Time available. Experience preferred. Salary will be based upon experience.

Compensation: Based upon experience

January 9 - The interesting thing about this ad is that they don't bother to tell you who the candidate / what the issue is. I mean if you're going to be talking to people about something as important as their vote, shouldn't you at least agree with it.  Wouldn't it be easier to just have that information in the ad so you didn't waste your time or theirs. 

Precinct walkers (door to door)

Wanted dedicated walkers to talk to and drop off literature at homes of voters. 4 hours a day. Paid weekly. Looking for 4 people to start ASAP. 

Compensation: $8.00 an hour (4 hours a day) 2 months


January 8 - Here's another one. I also tend to shy away from ads with the words 'Easy Money' in them. If it was so easy and the money was so great, they wouldn't even have to advertise. I mean wouldn't you save yourself some money and do the 'easy' job yourself, or hire someone you know to do the job. With so many people out of work, I don't imagine anyone not knowing SOMEONE who was looking for a job.


Easy Money Posting Signs
Looking for people to post signs.

You will receive approximately $15/hour, plus $250 whenever we sell any homes in your designated area(s)!!! This is very easy money, so do not pass it up. We will supply you the signs, all you need to do is get them up in your area!

Compensation: Average $15/hour Base PLUS Commissions

January 7 - You know I'm always a little leery when a job poster feels they need to include the words 'no catch' in their job ad. I mean maybe I would have thought that this sounded like a great and perfectly legal activity that wasn't scamish in any way, but then they had to go and say 'no catch' and all of a sudden I'm suspicious.

$700 weekly downloading FREE software. NO FEE! NO CATCH.

Earn $500 to $700 per week downloading FREE software from HOME!


Do you have a computer? Do you have Internet Access? Download ONE piece of FREE software and earn BIG! It's EASY! It's REAL!

What are you waiting for? Find out more about this HOT new affiliate program and get started. BEST of all it's FREE. For 60 seconds of work you could earn up to $3,547 US per month for a very long time!

Compensation: Up to $500-$700 U.S. Dollars Weekly


January 6 - Not only don't I think that $25 would do it, probably twice that amount wouldn't be enough. Dead roaches in the corners ugggggh. Couldn't pay me enough to clean the bathroom of someone who managed to ignore dead roaches until they could hire a total stranger to clean their bathroom. Plus this guy can't spell.

On a side note, once when I lived at the beach, my roommate found the biggest roach either one of us had ever seen in our bathroom in the middle of the night. Our bathroom was clean, but our apartment manager was awful about spraying for bugs plus he was a jerk. 

Anyway, I swear this roach was more the size of a small hamster than a roach. We subdued it with hairspray (although later we feared the hairspray might turn it into some kind of super-roach) and trapped it in a Kleenex box and threw it out into our little backyard.  It was a very traumatic experience.

 I need someone to clean my bathroom (TONIGHT) for cash

I have all the cleaning supplies and need someone to scrub the tiles to make the grout white again. I use Oxy-Clean, and it works well, but it does take sometime to let the paste sit on it for a while. I need the floor swept and mopped, and to be honest, it's pretty dirty...dead roaches are in the corners, but it's easy to sweep up.

I live in an SRO, so the bathroom is shared with my neigboors and is just outside the door to my apt. There are 2 separate small rooms, the room with the tub & shower and one with the toilet and sink. I think you will definitely be able to do the job in 2 1/2 hours or less...but i want it sqeaky clean.

I will give you $25 cash as payment. THANKS.. Please call ASAP.

January 5 - What do you major in to get a job like this? Do you go to mold school or something. Although I think this is totally a growth industry because mold is pretty yucky oh, and potentially harmful to humans.

 Certified Mold Remediator

Certified Mold Remediator needed to repair a small patch of mold to EPA standards..... I am looking for the cheapest way to do it. 

Compensation: please give quote



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