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Favorite Things I'm Still Paying For


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My Absolute favorite thing I'm still paying for, is this, my college diploma. I have a feeling I'll still be paying for this well into middle- age. 

The true irony of the situation is that I was never able to get a job in anything even remotely related to my major, for all the work and money I put into it.



Another favorite thing I'm still paying for is my Apple Computer. I got a fancy Apple Loan for students that is apparently held by Wells Fargo. I paid $50 a month on that thing for 7 years. When I finally switched the debt to a low interest credit card last year, I still owed about $250 more than I had originally paid for the computer itself because of all the weird interest charges,

A sort of favorite thing I'm still paying for is my Psych textbook. I paid about $75 for it used, I'm sure with the whole interest rates credit card thing I may now owe more than that. I know it was stupid to buy books on a credit card, but what choice did I have. Plus as usual with the more expensive books, I couldn't sell it back because it was being fazed out. This book is more of a symbol of all the books I bought (some I never even read) in the name of higher education.


A rather obvious favorite thing I'm still paying for is my car. It's such a cute car. I got it used and I got a really good deal. Unfortunately the hatchback won't stay up on it's own, which is kind of a pain in the ass, especially when I'm trying to remove something huge like a case of water from my trunk. In this situation I have to balance the hatchback on my head and drag the item out and toss it out of reach. 

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