December Odd Jobs


December 19 –  Probably could have come up with a better headline.

Can you use paint markers?

I own a seasonal business. I need someone who can deal with writing names on piggy banks in paint markers, while answering questions, and helping customers. If this sounds like you, please call.

Compensation: hourly $7-10 hr.  


December 18 – The problem with this is that everybody thinks they’re a skilled driver. No one ever thinks they’re a lousy driver even if they are. I don’t envy this guy.

Wanted: Skilled Drivers

Are you looking to work a few hours a day and make maximum pay? Then this job could be for you. We are looking for responsible drivers to work for us. Starting pay is $13.00 per hour - and hours are flexible!
Compensation: Starting pay is $13.00 per hour, with .$50 increases every 4 months for 2 years

December 17 – Some guy somewhere is finally glad he studied chess in college.

I thought it would be fun to sponsor a chess lesson for members of my. Do you have experience teaching adults with only basic chess skills. Please drop an note and tell me about your experience.

Compensation: negotiated


December 16 – I can sell the Christmas trees, but if you want holiday cheer, that’s gonna cost you extra.

HELP WANTED: Selling Christmas Trees and Holiday Cheer

Help Wanted! -- $16.00 / hour

Requirements: 12-HOUR SHIFTS PAY $200.00 per SHIFT

Hard-working, cleancut and friendly staff needed to sell Christmas Trees mid-week. You should be...

* Happy to help people and enjoy spreading holiday cheer!

* Like moving Christmas trees around and being friendly!

* Willing to work from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. this FRIDAY and SUNDAY...and NEXT MONDAY.

* HAPPY TO EARN $16/HOUR !!! + Allowance for Food and Dinner

Please reply to this note and tell me about yourself and if you're available...


December 15 – Cool, although I pretty much suck at video games.

  Get Paid for Testing Video Games

Earn cash for testing new video games. We conduct focus groups and are looking for well-spoken, intelligent respondents ages 6-45. If not in this age group, go ahead and respond anyway and we will contact you for future studies.


December 12 - When I was in college I got a job as a valet parking attendent because I was flat broke and unemployed. Then luckily I got a better job so I never worked for them. They called me for months after that trying to get the uniform back, but I never got around to it and eventually just threw it away. I know the job doesn’t seem so bad, but I think the company that hired me had a provision in the contract about the Valet being responsible for any damage no matter how minute to the car up to like $1000. I mean who wants a job that will cost you money.


Our company provides valet parking and transportation coordination for high-end special events, parties and galas. We are actively recruiting for qualified candidates to be part of our team of valet parking attendants.

This job is part-time, on-call. It’s a perfect job for someone who is looking to work flexible hours or needs a 2nd job. You can pick your own schedule on a weekly basis.

Compensation is $10 per hour + tips.

December 11 – Now that’s just sad. Or the set up for a Lifetime Christmas movie.

FUN, OUTGOING Women needed!

Busy Business Entrepeneur looking to hire VERY FUN, OUTGOING, women who know how to be enthusiastic, energetic and positive. Too busy to have fun on his own, needs to hire someone to do the thinking and planning for him. Needs someone to help change up his life, show him new ideas, sit and talk, go to the gym, go dancing, enjoy the nightlife. Should be a good conversationalist. WORK IS FUN AND EASY! Schedules include all times (8 am to 4 am).

If interested in this position, please reply asap with a photo (preferably a headshot) and a resume (if you have one). Please include you age, pay compensation you are looking for, and the times you would be available to work.

Please note this is a paid position!

December 10 – Charlie Brown’s right, Christmas is just getting too commercial. By the way the best line in Charlie Brown Christmas is when Linus says ‘of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest.  No that has nothing to do with this ad, but I thought I’d toss it in.

Christmas Design Help Needed.
Helpers-$7- we need 5 helpers to help designers. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
Designers-$12-We need 2 designers to string and light christmas trees.Floral design experience helpful.

Compensation: $7-$12

December 9 – Once as part of my job I had to put Y2K Survival kits/baskets together for about 100 customers. Let me tell you it was a nightmare. $9.00 an hour, I don’t think so.

  Gift Production  

Fruit basket assembly. F/T thru holidays.
Compensation: $9- hr.


December 8 - This is so cool. I think that more people should do this sort of thing. 

Videographer (Amateur fine!)

Looking for someone who shoots in digtal format.

I want to interview my 90 year old grandmother, who will be visiting to get her stories on tape. Must have a tripod.


December 5 - Okay, let me get this straight. You want me to housesit for you in the middle of nowhere so I couldn't work or anything. Then you don't want to pay me anything. Plus I have to pay my own utilities while I'm there and I have to give you a deposit for the privilege of doing you a favor. Gee that's swell that you'll do me the favor of paying to plow the driveway for me. Yeah I'll pass. Oh and by the way, learn to spell.

Housesitting in Vermont (not near any ski places)

I have a house in Vermont, on a mountainside, utterly private. It's fully furnished and has a phone and washer/dryer, all that good stuff.

Last winter, when noone was living in it, the pipes burst and caused all kinds of damage. I don't want that to happen this year.

I am looking for someone who wants an opportunity to get away from it all for a month or two. If you are a writer or an artist, this is a great situation for you. It's extrememly private and quiet.

The house has a woodstove and a fireplace, and it's very cosy. You would need to commit to being there for a specific period of time, and you would definately need a car because it's 3.5 miles to the nearest small store and 6 miles to the nearest town. It's about 30 minutes to a large city.

I will check mucho references and request a deposit in the event that you damage stuff while you are there. The deal is that you live there for free, but pay the utilities. That should cost you about $400 a month. This is because I have no idea how high you'll be turning up the thermostat. I'll pay to have the driveway plowed for you.

If you're interested, email me.

December 4 - This job requires no smartass comments. In fact it's just too easy, so I'll refrain.

Be and Elf and Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas

We are looking for fun loving people that are willing to dress up as elves and do hand to hand promotions on December 23rd and Dec 24th. Compensations is $10/per hour  8 hours per day.

A fun and easy way to make some extra cash before the holiday

Compensation: $10 per hour!!!!

December 3 - I'd take this job, but I'm a terrible BlackJack dealer. I did it for some charity event and I was like the worst dealer there. Everyone liked me though and the people at my table were really nice. 

Be a Blackjack Dealer for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and I need blackjack dealers. This is ideal for students, stay-at-home parents, or anyone looking for extra money for Christmas. Training will be provided so you don't need to worry if you've never done this before. This is a great opportunity to have fun and make some extra money for the holidays.

Up to $75 in bonuses are offered if both Fridays or both Saturdays can be worked

Compensation: 11.00

December 2 - Now this job is truly odd.

Looking for 5' 11, 190 lb male to sit in a pick-up truck

Accident investigation/reconstruction firm is looking for a 5 foot 11 inch, 190 pound male to take photos of sitting in the driver's seat of a pick-up truck. This is to evaluate the effectiveness of the seat belt. $80 cash will be pain to you for about 1 1/2 hours work.

Ok, here's the tricky part... This is for an assignment on Sunday. You must be 5 feet 11 inches tall, 5 feet 11 1/2 inches is OK too; 180 - 200 pounds is OK.  You will be measured, so make sure that you match the dimensions before you reply. Please contact me if you have any questions and thanks for reading this ad!

Compensation: $80 Cash

December 1 - This job sounds intriguing. There's probably a neat story behind it.

Need to find an article from the 70's in an old philadelphia newspaper

I am coming to Philli next weekend, I am trying to track down an article about a detective. I would need a copy of the article and the date etc. I have the Detectives last name and a vauge memory of the topic of the article and the layout which included a picture of the detective.
Let me know what your experience is and how much this would end up costing.



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