May Odd Jobs

May 24 - Since people can't meet other people in anything approaching a normal way, now there's speed dating that way you can be dismissed by a hundred people in one night instead of the usual one. If that doesn't work for you, you can take this job and be the smarmy host.

Host  Speed Dating Events

We're looking for fun, outgoing, confident, rock star hosts to run our singles events in Las Vegas. As the Las Vegas host you'll meet lots of new people (especially fun if you are single!), get to be center stage at every Date party, get a peek into the love lives of others and make some money while you're at it. Pretty cool, huh?

At Date parties, singles go on 25 three-minute dates in one night! They indicate on a SCOREcard if they want to see each person again and we match them up! The rest is up to them to get in touch. Throw in a cool bar, lots of drinks and a wild, anything-goes vibe and you've got one hell of a night out after work!

Your responsibilities will include:
--finding the perfect venues to hold your  Date parties
--hosting the event with enthusiasm, professionalism and organization
--helping to "spread the love" literally and figuratively about

We hope to hear from you soon!

If you know of someone in another city, tell them...we are hiring everywhere!

Compensation: Make 150-250 dollars a night!


May 17 - This totally cracks me up for some reason. I know lots of groups have casino night as an event. I've worked at one myself. It's just that this ad is for a job in Las Vegas and seriously, why would you bother to have a casino night when you live in a town with the best REAL casinos. Boggles the mind doesn't it. Spelling mistakes are obviously theirs.


Event staff needed for Casino Nights

Corporate events company needs dealers for casino nights to deal blackjack, roulette, craps and poker. Experience preferred, but we will provide training, our main requirements are that you be personable, good communication skills and a professional additude.

Our casino's use "Funny money" and the events are a great part time job with flexible hours.

Compensation: $50 for 2 hours work, $80 for four hours work



May 10 - I did the whole bow and arrow thing at day camp once, and it was really fun. If only I'd known there was a career path there I would have pursued it.

Archery Demonstrator

I run a small renaissance faire in Vermont and I'm looking for someone to do archery demos and lessons for faire patrons. We receive about a thousand visitors a day. The atmosphere is fun, the day is relatively short and lodging can be provided.


May 3- I think this job would be so fun. I knew a guy in Rome who did this and I was way jealous. I wish I were in Rome right now being a tour guide, that would be so cool.

Tour Guide

We are expanding it's operations into New Orleans, and we are looking for fun, outgoing, enthusiastic, knowledgable, and responsible people as potential tour guides. Part time or full time work is available, and no previous tour guiding experience is necessary. If you are interested in working for the newest and most unique tour in town, let us know and we will email you an application.

Compensation: $10/hour & $50/tour, plus tips


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