June Odd Jobs

June 28 - I always thought you had to know somebody to get a job like this.

Entourage Needed

Now Hiring. Entourage. I am currently accepting resumes for the available positions in my entourage. Not to be confused with "Hangers-on", Entourage members have actual job responsibilities and duties, crucial to maintaining and promoting my image.


June 21 - I think this guy needs an actual wife rather than an ex since I don't know how any ex-wives would actually do all of these annoying chores for her ex-husband. But this guy really needs you, he can't even spell.

I Need an Ex-Wife

I need someone with the following skills: Organization, house management, bill paying, organizing a complicated life, laundry, scheduling appointments, organizing a house, skilled in grocery shopping, closet and garage organization, gift wrapping, etc. That is, all the skills it takes to run a house (and quite frankly get mine back in order!). Pay commenserate with experience. Thanks for your help!



June 14 - This would be kind of a cool job. You'd get to do interesting stuff and probably wouldn't have to spend the majority of your time staring out the window wishing you were outside. Damn if only I hadn't gotten that tattoo.

Event Staff Needed Immediately

Interactive game rentals company seeks highly motivated and punctual individuals to staff our games for events! We work with clients such as major casino's and hotels, corporations and sports teams. We do grad nights, scavenger hunts, mobile arcade setups and more!

Our staff needs to have good communication skills, work with minimal supervision, clean driving record and problem solving abilities. We will provide training the minute you start!

This is a part time position with flexible hours.

Staff must maintain a well groomed appearance with no visible tattoo's or body piercings.


June 7 - Okay so I admit that lately my jobs have been more interesting than odd, but this one is definitely odd. Tired of applying for jobs you just know youíll hate? Then apply for this job, you wonít know youíll hate it because you wonít know what it is. But donít let that bother you because youíll earn $600 a week for part time.   

Promoters * READ *

Looking for few key people to promote voice/data services for the company, its easy and its fun... earn $600 a week part time, send resumes, or email me to be booked in for corporate overview... please do not call asking what you will be doing, because, I really don't know, until you are pre-qualified for the position. keep in mind that we are only looking for RUNNERS in our company, no lazy people... if you are that type of person that doesn't do anything productive during free time, then don't waste your time inquiring about this job position


June 1 - I want to control the phones. But what's that? I can't? This is total false advertising they just want you to answer phones. They make it sound like you have some cool job with power and stuff, but all you're doing is answering phones. That's lame. And they have typos.


After Hours Phone Controller

Law Firm: 5 days a week (4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) to answer telephones with complete professionalism and a smile. If ou are courteous, professional, and have the ability to identify repeat callers, this is the job for you.

This positon requires obtaining intake information from new callers as well as transferring calls to associates in the office. You will be working alone in the evenings and DEPENDABILITY IS A MUST.

Since you will be working alone in the evenings and oft times the lines are quiet, you are free to do homework or read. This is not a high stress job. However, your attendance record is of utmost importance.



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