July Odd Jobs

July 26 - I should hire someone to do this for me. Whenever I want to order food, I can never find a menu.


We are currently looking to hire people to pick up restaurant menus in specific regions. The task is simple and relaxed and you can work at your own pace. The ideal candidate would be well spoken, neat, and friendly as there is interaction required with the restaurant owners. Lastly, a car is required for most regions.


July 19 - This is kinda interesting. They want Frank lookalikes of all ages. That's kinda like how in Vegas you can have young Elvis' and old Elvis' and all the Elvis' in between. As for experience, if you've looked like old blue eyes your whole life, you'd be pretty experienced at looking like him, so why do they have to be specific?



Entertainment Co. seeking Sinatra Stylists/Sound Alikes. Experience a must. All ages.


July 12 -  I wonder if this guy is going off on an around the world journey or something and wants you to forward his mail to like Timbucktoo. Can you imagine the postage on that? I mean I sent a birthday card to Australia once and I think it was super expensive. I have to say though that this job sounds too easy and when a job sounds to easy there's usually a very large catch.

Mail Forwarding

I'm looking for someone to forward my mail to me. I only get about 5 pieces of mail a year or so for my medical insurance. I'd pay you a fee plus postage. I can even use your address for the mail to arrive. But I need someone stable who will be there for years to come.





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